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You may be asking " There was a Pacman cartoon?" Yes, there was. It debuted in 1982 and was a great success. Each episode had it's own story such as the Pac President being kidnapped by ghosts or Pacman trying to stop the ghosts from stealing a truck full of powet pellets. The show had  2 seasons and 2 holiday specials. The Christmas special is still being shown on Boomerang each year.

  The main plot of the series is that the ghosts are trying to steal power pellets from Power Forest. You heard right. Power Pellets grow on trees. Pacman is the guard of Power Forest and is shown to be witty, fast, and aways 1 step ahead of the ghosts. Namco ( creators of Pacman) made a game called Pacland based on the cartoon. 


Pacman is the guard of Power Forest that always manages to outsmart the ghosts.

Mrs. Pacman is the wife of Pacman and her first name is Pepper.

Pacbaby is the child of Pacman and Mrs. Pacman

Clyde (orange ghost) has a temper and is the brains of the ghosts.

Pinky (pink ghost)  is a male ghost unlike in the games and is a shapeshifter.

Inky (cyan ghost) is the dumb ghost and can pull any thing out of his pockets.

Blinky (red ghost) is a coward and is normally the last ghost to be eaten.

Sue (purple ghost) is the only female ghost who makes fun of the other ghosts when they fail.



Christmas special- Pacman has to recover Santa's toys from the ghosts after Santa crashes in Pacland.

Halloween special- Pacman has to stop the ghosts from chompping all of the pacpeople who think the ghosts are just trick-or-treaters in costumes.