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Death of a God, Birth of a Man: The Saga continues



Well folks, it's time. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but didn't have the opportunity due to other projects I've done, the 30 Days of Mass Effect series being one of them, in addition to reviewing and banning spam moderating. However, I have managed to finally strike out a balance that offers me the chance to blog again sparingly. I still have a few reviews I need to chug out, but those will be saved for later.

Most of the members that have been at GIO for a while know about the WGWC writing project Blackhearted Wolf started. It's seen some rough times and unfortunately died a very slow and agonizing death after attempts to revive it were made. Well, I have great news!


I'm not reviving it.


 I know I just trolled you pretty bad, but I kinda-sorta am reviving something that sprouted from it, so there's that: the Minecraft journal entry series I started with the final WGWC assignment. A few of our members here at GIO have been asking me about it, and seeing its potential in light of what a few colleagues here at GIO have been doing exceptionally, one could say the demand is moderate. How will it work, then?

Basically, I'm continuing the blogging series from where it left off. Those who missed the first entry - and you probably have, since it's been ages since it was posted - can check it out here. Those who remember the story can continue reading about Orochi's adventure after I'm finished ranting. Or you could simply skip all of this crap; it's up to you. But on to better things.

I plan on making this a bi-weekly thing if possible - as in every two weeks. No promises yet, since I have to make sure my health issues don't get in the way, but I will do my best to remain devoted to it and post multiple times a month at least. We'll have to see how it goes from there.  Now I'm done. Tell me any of your thoughts about my stories when you've finished reading them. I'd love to hear your response.

For much better writing, check out this series by a blogging veteran here at GIO.

And now, continuing the kinda-sorta epic Minecraft series known as "Death of a god, Birth of a Man" (DGBM for shorthand), the next entry in the series. Beware if you're squeamish: