The time has finally come, fellow Shepards and Femsheps! I've been planning this for quite a while, and decided, after some consideration that I'd continue the tradition that seems to have swept the GIO blogging community by storm. That's right, I plan to do my own 30/30 series, this time in the spirit of the Mass Effect series I recently finished. It might seem like an impossible task, but I must say that the job's already done; at the time of this posting, I already have every single blog written and scheduled. That's right, every single blog. So in essence, you're witnessing a feat that was inevitable from its very inception.

Each day will feature a blog covering various aspects of Mass Effect in general, thoughts about the future of the series, as well as touch on a few of the more controversial subjects, so I hope you guys enjoy the read(s) and offer your input, affirmative or dissenting otherwise. As you all should know, I'm all about a good discussion, and in this once impossible feat I've enlisted the help of several experts: none other than the legendary Shepard(s) the galaxy has relied on for assistance.

This blog will also serve as the main hub blog for the latest series - found on the second page- which will simply be called 30 Days of Mass Effect, and will be updated as each new entry is posted so that those unwilling to wade through pages of blogs can simply find it here. Since this is considered the first blog in the 30 days of Mass Effect blog series, let's get to the meat of this discussion with a more detailed preview of my inspiration and personal reflections on the series as well as some of what awaits our readers. First off, I'll delve into my inspirations a bit more explicitly. Possible spoilers abound, so avoid.

"So why Mass Effect?"

I don't know, honestly. I remember the first time I bought the game - used, about a year after its release in fact. I'd seen reviews but never given the game a chance until then, and when I finally did I was floored. The story was tightly-woven, suspenseful, tense, and believable, unlike most sci-fi worlds that use space magic as an excuse for compelling universes. I preordered the second game, adored it as well, and delved into the lore with countless ME fans at the forums, speculating on everything from solutions to defeating the Reapers to the merits of destroying/saving the Collector Base.

As readers know, I did a blog series counting down to the release of Mass Effect 3; fourteen consecutive blogs dealing with various Mass Effect topics that I'd planned out. It turned out to be pretty successful and I surprised myself in terms of accomplishment. Plans are normally the things I abhor after all, so I was more than pleased to see myself pull through. One other surprise was all the praise and congrats I kept getting from readers. I've never considered myself much of a blogger as it is anyway, so one could say I was humbled to do it.

Then, Mass Effect 3 hit the fan.

Well actually, that had happened long before the game had even been released, as any BSN forumite will tell you. Mass Effect 3 had already gained tons of controversy from the announcement of multiplayer; with the leak of their script, fan outcry flooded the internet, and before the first copy had even been sold from stores in the states, insiders had already leaked incomplete recordings of the endings on youtube. That's right; many had already seen the ending(s) of Mass Effect 3. Exeunt the chaos that ensued afterward in light of the myriad perfect scores the game was bestowed, the Retake Mass Effect movement that I was peripherally supportive of, and the choice of Bioware to listen to fan concerns and move to address them while maintaining their "artistic integrity"; even the yellow journalism and hackwork coverage on the issues most internet outlets did, including an article or two on this very site. I didn't even mention my experience playing Mass Effect 3 yet.

Although I've already written a review covering my thoughts on the game in detail, I don't think it would be out of place to reiterate a few of them at their most basic level: I loved the final game. There were a lot of impressive moments in the story that I enjoyed, especially from my experience transferring save data, which really gave it a lot of depth that was far from superficial, and there was its fair share of rather uninspired or "less than spectacular" plot developments. All in all, I gave it a 9.5 though, even in light of its rather underwhelming ending - in terms of theme betrayal and a lack of true diversity - and other issues I had with the game's story in some places. Of course, as life continued and new developments unfolded - the EMS controversy being one of my primary concerns - I slowly found myself drawn back to the series, analyzing and deconstructing it at every turn.

I will say that another flare up of issues related to the "Darkness" I'm constantly fighting in real life, mixed with some pseudophilosophical postulations, led to this moment. This blog series, and the theme it follows is very much as personal a battle as it is a cordial show of blogging mettle; to put it bluntly, I'm proving I have the quad necessary to handle real challenges in the blogosphere. You won't find this theme presently overt, but you'll possibly notice undertones, whether it's in my character blogs on TIM, Anderson, or Javik, or my ruminations on the very important life lessons I've learned while playing this series. I'll even delve into the dream sequences of Shepard, the possibility of a conventional victory against the Reapers without the Crucible, and most excitedly of all, the entry in the series that I consider my favorite. While most of it will be informed by the Mass Effect 3 experience, there will be blogs that touch on the series in general, as well as topics that transcend them all - my blog about a possible Mass Effect 4 (you know it exists) or even a possible MMO for example.

So, hopefully I've given you a good heads-up and introduced you to the awesomeness that awaits you tomorrow once this series really kicks into high gear. Once it concludes, we'll have a recap of the journey. In the words of Aresh, "It will be beautiful." What do you think is in store? Make your predictions here!