Hi folks, I decided I'd participate in the latest WGWC challenge, which was to write a character journal. Since I'd already planned this - I'm actually chronicling my Minecraft adventures already - I thought I'd dust off the old writing pen and try my hand at a little roleplaying. Hopefully, others will participate in this pretty entertaining and creative challenge.

They say I was a God once, a God that shaped the entire world into being. One that knew every nook and cranny of the oceans, continents, and seas. I could take whatever form I chose, and I did take many, soaring through the skies invulnerable as I built all that I desired upon a single whim. Yet my brothers and sisters, also gods, grew incredibly jealous and with one single spell stole my divinity and cast me into a realm unknown, where I have wandered as a vagabond, scavenging for food and struggling to build my own shelter against the elements and the peculiar creatures that inhabit it. I am Orochi, and these are my tales.

Entry 1- day unknown

I smile often, but this is a world where smiling is rare. I have met few people apart from myself here, on an island they've imprisoned me in. Although I am not immortal, they have given me the power of reincarnation, only as a grim reminder of all that I once owned. They have also spared me one last power: the ability to create from what I earn or am given freely. Those two gifts have allowed me to stomach the days without food, save the fruit I find in the forest canopy. I've managed to learn many secrets here, understanding the nature of this peculiar hell where people live like the lotus eaters of myth; all of them, completely naïve of the terrors that await each night. For once, I am beginning to understand this emotion called fear. I discovered a few bovine grazing in a pasture not far from where I've made my home; a small shanty that can barely fit anything inside it, so I sleep on the floor and keep warm with a stone furnace I crafted. It is the only reliable comfort I've found.


Entry 2

I've managed to make my home larger with time and renovations, but it remains unfinished. I crafted many tools with the wood available to me, and have slowly come to an equilibrium with this mysterious place. For most of the day little else than harmless animals and game roam; at night, ferocious creatures stalk the woods and open plains.  Undead corpses stumble about and moan, wishing nothing else but pain on those they see. I think their stink is almost as unbearable as this island's fierce cold. Gigantic spiders sometimes roam throughout the forest and return to their caves, and strange, green monsters stalk me and try to kill me in one giant explosion. Meager leather is all I can use to protect myself for now, but I must be patient; I do not wish to squander what little resources I already have.  I have learned to properly carve meat - always with the grain - and have even fashioned simple picks to harvest coal. I never thought I'd cherish the warmth of a fire like I have now.


Entry 3

There is good out in the wild in spite of its dangers. I've found a channel where the most delicious salmon congregate during mating season. But they are not easy to catch, and it took much time to craft a proper rod to catch them with. It's an art almost, this thing called fishing. However, I've found that I enjoy mastering it very much. As a god I never knew I'd enjoy such a primitive practice so deeply. I can only reflect on my foolishness now. I should do this more often, for it has taught me a valuable virtue: patience, and through it, I will bide my time, waiting for my prey to be drawn in, then strike and reclaim what I deserve. I will teach my jealous siblings this virtue the harsh way when my power returns to me. That aside, I have succeeded in shaping many valuable tools, such as a sword fashioned from iron I've smelted, and even a bow; the bow, alongside the arrows I have made, have proven vital in protecting myself against a new enemy I've seen: peculiar skeletal archers who never tire in their hunt. Thankfully, nature is on my side: the monsters light aflame and die in sunlight.



Entry 4

If there is anything I'm learning during my time here in this strange world, it is that life is beautiful, yet equally harsh. Each blizzard the night brings is fierce and unrelenting with cold air that stings every fiber in my body. Yet, it is entrancing, even humbling to some extent. I'm growing accustomed to it, in fact, and I have found a clearing where I've built myself a modest shelter after many years of endless scavenging.

Well, not so modest. This place is beginning to seduce me with its challenges, to the point that I'm no longer saddened by my exile here. Or perhaps this feeling is part of the curse they've inflicted upon me, subtly eroding all of the willpower that my mind retains? Either way, I am drawn to explore this world. Certainly, there must be a place where the snow ceases? Will I see the stars in the night sky some day, instead of an ominous void of unwelcoming darkness? I have seen the silhouettes of tall ridges before, and what seemed to be light twinkling, though at a distance I could never reach it. I'm beginning to believe my brothers and sisters are taunting me, yet I could care less. In order to survive, I owe it to myself to find and discover, mine every inch of this realm for all of its mysteries. Now if only I can steel myself against the storm I see approaching...




Entry 5

I was right, indeed. I found an incredible canyon where waterfalls coursed and rivers of lava poured into the lower depths. I discovered this place by accident, in fact; I found a small company of skeletal archers here, guarding a pathway it seemed. Perhaps a test awaits inside for me to conquer? Maybe a tool that I can use to regain my lost powers rests inside for me to uncover? Either way, this is a chance I cannot let slip from me. I will prove to my siblings that I am more than capable of mastering any obstacles they toss at me, and master all the weaknesses this mortal body can handle.



I was right in visiting this place. Rooms filled with carnivorous rats and flowing lava pools awaited me; numerous zombies crept down the halls, knuckles rapping at every locked entrance possible. I will not deny how disorienting it seemed at first; their sounds echo through each and every cubit of this dungeon. Only torches provide me comfort, and even then, the relief is fleeting. I've learned to attune my ears to every noise possible; the clatter of skeletal bones; the patter of bare and decayed feet smacking the stone floor; the shuffle of spider's limbs above. A lot of these arachnids seem to congregate here; perhaps their mother lurks nearby, waiting on another hapless victim? I have yet to see her, although there are hints everywhere of her presence, from myriad cobwebs that drape decrepit rooms to even the corpses of her latest kill. I later found a library here, filled with sacred lore and spell books, yet I cannot decipher some of them; the others speak of a kingdom that once dominated this realm, overtaken by a force only spoken of as the "Nether". I wonder if I will find the power I need to defeat my rivals in that mysterious place?


Entry 6

The strange hall led me out to a new realm I'd never seen before; a jungle of sorts, with trees that stretch for many leagues. The sky is filled with an incredible fog, and surprisingly, the air is cool, welcoming even. A king lives here, with a palace in the trees that towers above all else, and he welcomed me there; I must confess that it has been many fortnights since I last took reprieve and ate something other than meager strips of pork I've culled during my travels. Here instead, we feasted royally on exquisite pastries, the sweetest fruit I've eaten, and succulent fowl that tasted heavenly. I almost feel ashamed, and I let the king, who refused to lend me his name, know of how I felt. He merely laughed at my humility and advised against it. He then inquired of my past.

As the moon hung overhead, I told him of the evil my siblings had done and he nodded silently before telling me that he'd been cursed the same, yet had long forgotten the reason. I myself couldn't believe him, and asked if he still felt anger towards them. He said he didn't, for he had more power here than he ever had before he'd arrived. I of course disagreed; this "power" was an illusion after all, and only a prison meant to control him and torment him. Yet, he disagreed and asked me to think of one memory I had when I first arrived here. I thought of the frigid ocean and the fishing rod I'd crafted, patiently waiting by the shore as I cast my line into the shallow waters; the time I'd captured my first fish - it tasted the best, for good reason - and the newfound sense of joy that bubbled inside of me when I roasted it with coal I'd personally scavenged dangerous caverns for. Then, I recounted that memory to him. "That," he said with a glib smirk, "is true power." I hope to understand those words one day.


Entry 7

The old king bid me farewell after many months, and told me to cross the ocean and chase the sun if I truly wanted the vengeance my heart desired. He warned that strange creatures with skin the color of twilight often roamed the islands near the edge of the horizon, shaping the land as they saw fit. Few men could kill them, it was said, for they could teleport wherever they desired and retaliate with devastating force when provoked. Yet, these strange entities hold a sacred orb, one that is needed if I ever hope to find the power I seek in my quest. First however, I shall watch and observe them before I make my first strike in haste; patience, as I've learned, is key to obtaining that which I desire.

After many days and a fearsome battle, I now hold one of these mystical orbs in my hand, and marvel at its hue; this will be my last entry for quite some time. Many mysteries continue to surface as I explore this world, and I have slowly come to realize that I cannot ever solve them all. Where do these monsters the old king called "endermen" come from? I can sense the power inside of these orbs, yearning for me to harness it. Certainly, that power will allow me to reclaim what was taken from me. What is the "Nether"? The old king told me even fiercer monsters than the ones I've encountered here await me there, in a realm teeming with flame, death, and torment. Nothing can faze me any longer though, so I look forward to the challenge. I've crafted the finest armor and weaponry with the years of experience I've accumulated, and I wear it proudly. For now though, I'll rest my head and ponder what I've learned. While I was an immortal, I never questioned or noticed these small wonders. Yet as a man, there's never a moment when I'm not shaken with awe each time the moon rises. Life never looked more beautiful.