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Planet Reach 

16 Hours After Initial Attack


Silver: "I can't go on anymore.....I.....I need to rest. The pain is to much."


Gold picked up the pace upon hearing his partner's request. He knew they couldn't stop......not now. He continued forward carrying his partner by his side.

Gold: "I know your hurting man, but your a tough nut, you'll make it. It isn't too much further now, but we can't stop."

Silver let out a grunt of pain, he was starting to feel worse by the second. Suddenly Silver's body went limp causing the two to crash to the ground. Gold quickly rose to his feet pulling his partner up with him. It was like pulling dead weight, he wasn't moving. 

Silver: "I'm sorry......I just......I can't take the pain anymore, I need a second."

Gold's mood was steadily becoming a mix of worry and aggravation, he couldn't help but feel like a sitting duck. He stared down at his injured partner writhing in pain. He knew if they didn't hurry, Silver would never leave those woods. He knelt down to address Silver.

Gold: "Look brother.......If we don't get a move on NOW, either these alien scum are gonna catch up to us, or your gonna bleed out. Now I don't know about you but I'm not very fond of either option. So what's it gonna be?"

Silver looked down at the dirt, hanging his head he mustered enough energy to out reach his hand. Gold gladly took it.

Silver: "Suppose we should get a move on then huh?" Silver said in that ever so familiar sarcastic tone.

Gold: "Yea......we should."

With one last painful grunt the two were back up on their feet and back to the grind. It wasn't too far now........

Eventually the two found their way out of the hellish forest and back to a more open landscape. A little too open for Gold's taste. He halted to a stop to take a look around. Night had already set in a few hours ago, the moon casting a marvelous light over the field. It seemed the coast was clear, so the two continued on towards their objective.

Gold: "All right man, after we make it to the end of this field there should be a ridge just a little further up the way. There's an outpost there, hopefully it hasn't been hit yet. If it hasn't we'll be able to reload and get you patched up and back to new."

Gold looked in his partners eyes, he could see his will slowly draining.....he was losing hope. Gold gave him a shrug for his attention. Silver slowly looked up at him.

Gold: "We're gonna make it." he said in a stone cold tone. Silver nodded in agreeance.

Finally they had made it across the field and the ridge was clearly in view. Gold prepped his partner for the taxing climb up the incline by tightening his grip. The two slowly climbed to the top. The pain Silver was experiencing became obvious through audible grunts. They were so close now. Once at the top Gold gently propped Silver against a rock and eagerly turned towards the outpost.

Gazing through the night sky Gold could see the crimson from the flames burning brightly through the darkness. Everything.......everything was destroyed. The Covenant had already swept the area and from the looks of it, they enjoyed themselves. Gold fell to his knees in a moment of pure devastation, how could this be? Silver let out a darkly sarcastic chuckle.

Silver: "The only easy day was yesterday..........."

Gold glanced at his partner, the defeat in his face said it all. They were screwed, and they both knew it. Suddenly towards the entrance of the outpost something caught Gold's eye. It was a survivor, with a Covenant  escort. Gold quickly got down as to not blow their cover. He did a quick head count of the Covenant forces.

Gold: "I see five of the little guys, and two of the bigguns."

He looked a little closer at the hostage.  He turned to Silver.

Gold: "Who do you suppose that is? Military.....civilian?"

Silver glanced at the group. With out missing a beat he answered.

Silver: "Looks like a DeadManWalking to me......."

Gold kept his gaze on the situation unfolding.

Gold: "Your not looking too hot yourself."

Silver chuckled again and Gold couldn't help but join. Gold checked his weapons and motioned for Silver to do the same. 

Gold: "Well, I got one clip left and five rounds in the pistol. One grenade. You?

Silver: " I got six rounds........lost the rifle back aways. Also one grenade."

Gold: " Well..........what do you suppose?"  he questioned.

Silver: "Let's make sure the Dead Man keeps Walking."

Silver struggled to his feet but managed to stand on his own. Holding his side he gave Gold a stern nod. Gold nodded back before letting out a sigh. He began to shake his head at this madness. It was now or never. They both cocked their weapons as they set out on this suicide mission. Suddenly the night lit up with that familiar bright blue. A plasma grenade? Gold quickly shot a look towards the group to see that the Elites now laid dead.
Confused he continued to watch in awe as the survivor disarmed a grunt snapping his neck in the process. Quickly he turned towards the last four aliens and unloaded plasma. The burning goo quickly dispatched two of them, melting the flesh. Watching their comrades die the final two began returning fire. The survivor quickly rolled out of the way towards the dead Elites. Struggling to his feet the survivor managed to pick a grenade from the dead alien and quickly primed it. Through a barrage of plasma he tossed the grenade in a last ditch effort.

Amazingly the grenade found its way glued to the face of a grunt. Screaming in terror the aliens began to run around in panic before exploding. The survivor dropped to his knees, after all he deserved the rest. Gold just looked at Silver not believing what they had just witnessed. 

Gold: "Well.......Dead Man is still Walking......."
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