Planet Reach

12 Hours After Initial Attack

"Hey man, this isn't a good time for sleeping....we gotta go now"

Private Gold slowly rose to his feet, his world was spinning and his head was pounding. He turned towards the source of the voice......private Silver.

Gold: "What the heck happened man?"

Silver: "We are lucky to be alive....Covie shot us right out of the sky."

Gold took a deep breathe, before asking the obvious question.

Gold: "Are we the only ones....."

Silver nodded his head solemnly and outreached his hand revealing the tags of their fallen brothers. 

Gold: "DARN!!! These mothers are gonna pay......"

Gold turns around to survey the area. He sees the rubble from the crash, suddenly his injury takes hold of him forcing him to drop to his knees.Silver quickly grabs him by the arm to help him up

Silver: "We need to go now.....we are out in the open and I'm not one for losing my top"

Gold: "Lead the way" he says in a sarcastic manner.

The two begin marching towards a small patch of forest they can see in the distance, Silver leading the way. After a few minutes Gold beckons for him to stop.

Gold: "I'm fine, I can walk on my own, appreciate the assist"

Silver: "That's what I'm here for brother, are you sure your tip're seriously not looking so good."

Gold hesitates before bluntly answering.

Gold: "I'm fine...let's keep moving."

In a pace similar to a small jog the two privates move their way closer towards the forest patch. Standing at the thresh hold, Gold surveys their surroundings before they move into the forest.

Silver: "Yea...this is much better, I feel much more safe trudging through a forest of the unknown"

Gold could sense his sarcasm, and took a slight annoyance to it.

Gold: "You led us here remember?" he retorted in the same tone of sarcasm.

Silver: "Well yea....but I figured it would be better then an open field, but now that I'm here.....I'm not so su........"

Silver cuts his sentence short after hearing some familiar sounds in the distance.......Covenant. The two privates slowly creep towards the enemy using the foliage as cover. Sitting in the brush they survey the area.

Gold: "Looks like a basic patrol....I got eyes on five of the little mothers"

Silver lets out a small chuckle.

Silver: " I see them too.......but your forgetting about big guy over there."

Gold quickly double takes the area and notices the Elite standing on an overlook in the distance.

Gold: "Darn! I didn't see him. We can't attack them head on, he's got the higher ground, it would be suicide."

Silver puts a hand on his shoulder to console him. Gold turns to him.

Silver: "They already tried to kill us once today, what's tempting fate one more time gonna hurt?"

Gold looks back at the patrol before turning back to Silver. Gold checks his rounds and cocks his rifle.

Gold: "You always were insane......Lets do it, keep your eyes open."

Silver: "It's payback time!"

Gold rushes out of the brush first laying down a barrage of cover fire, Silver utilizes it as he moves to a better vantage point. The patrol is caught quite off guard as the rounds tear through the skull of the first grunt dropping him instantly.

Slow to start, the remaining covenant begin blasting plasma in Gold's direction. He dives out of the way dodging the lethal fire. Silver quickly pops out from cover firing at the rest of the group.

Silver: "MOVE NOW!!!"

Gold rises to his feet quickly and sprints towards a rock to take cover. The patrol's attention is divided allowing Silver to quickly dispatch another two of the grunts. Watching the bodies hit the ground riddled with holes gave Silver some satisfaction. He cocks a smile as he ducks to reload his weapon.

Silver: "Three left!"

Gold takes a quick peak at the remainder of the patrol and notices the Elite is missing. He also notices a grunt priming a plasma grenade to throw at his partner.

Gold: "GRENADE! Get out of the way!!!"

Silver doesn't think as his instinct takes over forcing him into a diving motion away from his cover. The grunt releases the grenade, as Gold runs from behind cover towards them. He quickly pulls his pistol and fires it off as he's in full sprint.

Gold: "DIEEEEEEE!!!!!


He drops the grenadier but misses the last grunt forcing him to get in close and personal. Before he reaches arm length of the last enemy the grenade explodes, lighting up the forest with brilliant blue.


Gold undisturbed by the explosion dispatches the final grunt with a swift pistol whip to the head. The grunt falls lifeless to the ground and Gold makes sure he stays there as he empties the remainder of the clip into him. Gold quickly looks to Silver.

Silver is laying a few feet from the explosion. He's not moving. Gold's thoughts take over as he lets out a blood curdling scream.

Gold: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Suddenly Gold is lifted off his feet by a very powerful force and thrown to the dirt. How could he forget the Elite. He quickly turns towards his towering adversary and tackles him to the same level. Gold is pinned down on top of the Elite as he drives his fist into the aliens face over and over again. The Elite seems unphased by Gold's effort and easily throws him off. 

Suddenly the injury from the crash comes back two fold incapacitating Gold for a brief moment. The most important moment of his remaining life. Gold tries to push through the aching pain and rise to his feet, but alas the strain is too much. The Elite lets out an intimidating chuckle as he kicks Gold over on his back. The Elite positions himself on top of Gold and begins to choke the life out of him.

So this is how it ends, Gold had thought to himself with his life slowly leaving him. The Elite's grip tightens. Not like this.....please not like this. Suddenly the grip loosens and Gold can breathe. Confused he looks to the Elite and is met with a lifeless stare, before the body drops on top of him with a knife in the back of it's skull.

Silver stands over the two of them holding his side in pain. Gold pushes the body off his own and struggles to his feet. He gives Silver a sincere look.

Gold: "I thought you were......"

Silver: "Not quite, I'm afraid you can't rid of me that easily."

Gold lets out a laugh, the first one he's enjoyed in awhile. Gold noticing his partner is in pain immediately rushes to his side to lend a hand.

Gold: "Thanks brother, you saved my ace. I know your hurting, but we have to keep moving."

Silver nods his head.

Silver: "Lead the way......"


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