I know it has been quite a while since I have last posted, so I am here to catch you all up.

The most important thing worth mentioning is that I am one of the lucky ones going to the Game Developer's Conference this year! I have signed up for the pass that allows me access to the expo, after parties and seminars. And even better is that I will be posting about it every evening. I know my friends at Game Informer will have extensive coverage of the event, but how can I NOT post about GDC while I'm there? There's so much to look forward to! That will be via my blog here on Game Informer.

I was heading Noob Magazine, as most of you know, but had to cease the project due to an online internship and now a promotion at work. I will be Assistant Store Manager at GameStop. I know, I know, it's retail. You gotta wonder what the heck I am doing in retail when I could be writing, right? Come December 14, my boyfriend will be graduating from Michigan Tech University with a Bachelor's in Sound Design. He's already worked on a few video games via Kickstarter (Sunrider anyone?) and plans on going into Game Sound Design. When he graduates, we plan on heading out to Cali. Los Angeles or San Francisco, we dunno, but it's going to take a lot of moolah to get there (of course, we know we are going to make it happen). So you can see, a job promotion in retail is pretty important in this area (small town Upper Michigan). It's a means of money to get me where I really need to go, and I still get to talk about gaming along with it! Just the other day I blabbed all about The Evil Within to a customer, which eventually turned into a half-hour long analysis of the Silent Hill franchise...

I just keep telling myself...9 more months and our lives can begin. I love adventures.

I'd love to hear from you guys, what you've been playing and what you are looking forward to. Comment on this post or post on my wall! I can tell you right now I've got The Sims 4 and The Evil Within pre-ordered. I'm not a big Titanfall fan, but I am really looking forward to Watch Dogs and Murdered: Soul Suspect. 

Also, I'll be posting here A LOT now, so keep checking back!