When the release date for Outlast was drawing near, I kept getting more and more thrilled. I could hardly wait. I even pre-purchased it at the special $14.99 price. I talked about it all the time at work. This game meant a lot to me in terms of the genre "survival horror." Honestly, I am not sure how to feel about it right now.

I know this game is THE definition of survival horror. In all actuality, Silent Hill isn't that much of a survival horror game because you are able to defend yourself. But in Outlast, they've given a new meaning to the term "survival." You have no weapons, armed with nothing but a handheld camera. You are crawling around in the dark, trying to locate as many scarce batteries as you can since your camera, in night vision, is your only way around in most parts. And sounds are everywhere. Even as I sit here writing this, I am on edge. I am listening a little closer to the sounds around me. I am a little jumpier than usual. Maybe I shouldn't have played 5 straight hours of that game at night.

Truthfully, Outlast has some bugs to work out, sure. There was one part where you are supposed to be in the security room and you activate something and a big, ugly dude walks in while you hide in the lockers. Well, at one point that big ugly dude never walked in. I was stuck in that room and I had to start my game all over to fix the glitch. Then in another part, and I don't know if this was the game or a glitch, but hiding under things keeps you hidden. Well, I was hiding under a bed, actually texting and waiting for the doctor to leave when he just runs over and grabs me from under the bed. I hadn't made a sound nor had he even seen me. Not sure what the intention was there. And then, there was a part where you are supposed to move your mouse back and forth to get this guy off of you. Well, for some reason this mouse wouldn't work, but when I did it on my laptop, it did work. So I dunno if those are game bugs or what, but overall the game is damn scary. And I don't get scared easily. I'd have to say it's scarier than Silent Hill, but it makes you jump...a lot.

You should check out my broadcast of me playing Outlast on Twitch TV under the username Pretty_Scary. Not convinced? Check out the highlight clip below(just a forewarning, I am VULGAR in my language. If you take offense, please don't watch it!), just click the numbers (can't get image to show). Honestly, you have to try this game.