I woke up this morning with an itch, that familiar itch I'd get on work days for Game Informer that told me "Get out of bed, you have things to do!" That itch was still there. I sat up thinking "What interview transcriptions am I working on? Did I finish the Outlast one? What feature articles do I need to work on?" I had to slow myself down. Here I was still stuck in my familiar pattern, ready to tackle the day's tasks when indeed, the day held different tasks than what I was used to. There were no more news stories for me to write, no more interviews to listen to and transcribe, and no more feature stories to pitch. I had re-entered the real world, a college graduate housed in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan with hopeful job prospects and a semester of new experiences under my belt. 

Working for Game Informer had been a trip, one I will never forget. But now it was back to real life, where I needed a job and more writing to keep me busy. I learned a lot from working with Game Informer, and I wanted to apply what I had learned to other places. 

In the next few days, I'll be moving to a different apartment and things will get hectic as I will have to wait for internet to get installed and the whole sha'bang. Maybe I'll go hang out at the local Gamestop and play games there where the store manager jokingly refers to me as a celebrity (but really, everyone there is awesome). Being without internet is the worst scenario for a gamer, especially a big PC gamer like me. I use Steam, which must be connected to the internet in order to play games. It will be tough, but I'll try and make it through. 

I hope to post to this blog as much as possible, about my imminent gaming experiences, such as the new Metro: Last Light coming out soon. I've been dying to play that. And the coverage of the new Xbox announcement and E3. As was the pattern with most of my feature writing, my blogs will be more personal. I hope to keep writing here and to keep gaming.