-The following was found on the ground while cleaning after the alien threat had been subdued. The language of the writing was Japanese, and has been loosely translated.-



Day 1

I arrived today at the base. Everyone here is on edge. all of these people with lab coats and ID badges are constantly on the go. None of that matters t me. I'll stay in the Barracks until its time for a mission... whatever the mission is. My C.O. gave us all these journals and told us to write down our experiences. It seems silly, but it gives us something to do during downtime.



Day 2

We had a mission today. Aliens. I couldn't believe my eye. Aliens have invaded Earth. Our job is to kill them wherever the little b@$tards show up. I've no problem with that. 

I heard the scientists call them "sectoids" but I'll just call them "dead" if I see any more of them. They are killing humans out there. Peoples sons, daughters, brothers, parents... all being murdered or taken. It's not right, and I'm more than happy to help stop it from happening.



Day 14

Another mission today, this time we came across a sneaky little $hit.It was strange, but it looked like it was wearing a human skin as a suit. If it wasn't for that gun with that green nonsense in it, I don't think we would have even known it was an enemy. 

We had a casualty today. The first we've suffered. That thing... it spits some kind of gas that is similar to a poison, according to the lab freaks. We did everything right out there, and still, one of us died. We have to adapt... advance our weapons... advance our battle gear... advance something. Anything.


Day 36

We responded to an alert today. Aliens attacking a populated area. Saving the civilians was the top priority, but stopping the aliens was my goal. Again, new species of these things keep coming from the woodwork... like roaches, there seems to be no end to them. I've seen things that float... yea... flying aliens. The most frightening one thus far was something we encountered while responding to the terror threat.

I don't know what the science people call it, and I could honestly care less. All I know is that these things are trouble. They walk like a giant spider... its unsettling. I saw one bite a man trying to run away... the squad managed to kill the alien, but the guy that was bitten got up and tried attacking us. We were there trying to help, and we were being attacked by our own people. It was like a brain control type of thing. 

Its starting to get to me. Seeing the dead walk and attack us... it just seems like a mountain thats too difficult to climb. These invaders seem to advance with ever encounter. We are always playing catch-up, and always seem to be the underdog. We need a spark... anything to give us an edge.


Day 48

Finally! New weapons! This rifle shoots red lasers! Aliens that take several normal rounds of ammo to kill are instantly eliminated with these things! I even took out a new line of alien today, all by myself. It was a hulking brute. I'd hate to run into it in a dark alley. Everyone at the base is riding a high right now. It looks like these aliens picked the wrong planet to invade!


Day 59

Another mission today. We lost two more men. Those hulking brutes from before seem to have evolved. No weapons... except their fists. 

These things were massive. They didn't have guns. I thought it would be an easy kill, so I fired. Before I knew it, the thing rushed me like a runaway freight train. It swung at me. I dodged the first time, but I wasn't so lucky with the second. I felt like my legs had been cut off with a dull butter knife. The pain was the most intense feeling I have ever experienced. 

My injuries are keeping me out of action for a while. I understand that in my current state, I'd be useless against these invaders. But still... I want to be out there. All I need is a weapon, and I'll be just fine. Instead, I'm stuck here, in this underground base. 


Day 74

The science guys somehow found out where the alien base is located. I don't know how, and I don't care how. I just wish I was going with the squad thats being prepped for an assault. I'll be sure to document their success, though. That squad is filled with battle-hardened men and women that know how to handle themselves. I feel sorry for the aliens that are up against them.


Day 75

The squad finally returned. Well... what's left of it. Five of our best soldiers were killed in action. I had served with them in combat. Its like losing an entire family in a tragic accident or something...

The only guy to survive barely did so. He limped off of the Skyranger as he went straight to the medical bay. Stories of the mission are filling the base, despite him being confined to a bed. Something about one of those "sectoids" that was able to control one of our men. The guy that survived... he had to kill one of his own in self-defense. I don't think I could have done the same in his position.These guys have become my family... I can't imagine what he must be going through.

The most disturbing story is about a giant metallic walking beast. Apparently, it shoots lasers and tosses grenades that demolish any like of defense our troops have plans of using. It attacks without mercy, and is near impossible to take down. With something like that... how do we stand a chance? 

Training. I have to train. While I'm stuck here recovering, I have to use my time any way I can to better myself.



Day 98

I've been cleared for battle. I'm ready. These things have had the upper hand long enough. This is our home, and I'm not going to let them have their way. 

Holding this rifle feels good. I've missed it. I look forward to introducing it to some alien faces. I'll write more later, its nearly time to set out again. But I make this promise... for the soldiers we've lost, and for the innocent people that have been killed or taken, I'll drive these invaders away from our home.




-There are no further entries.-