The old west was quiet on the night it all began. When the dead began to walk the earth, many blamed foreigners, or that swindlers tonic. To those that know the truth, however, know it was something much more supernatural. But this story isn't about all of that; it's about one man, a man that happened to be dead.

The decayed man pulled himself from the dirt to reach the sunlight above. He winced from the change in light, but it didn't matter much. He had been dead for quite a spell. The headstone hadn't been taken care of, and he didn't even know who he was. He did know one thing, however.

He was hungry. 

He stumbled his way towards the nearest town, coming across others with his condition along the way. He wasn't sure what was happening, nor did he care. He couldn't think. He was no longer his former self, but something else entirely. If he resembled the other dead walkers, then he would be unrecognizeable to anyone that he may have known in his past life.

His nose lured him off of the trail and into the fields. Something had blood, and he was thirsty. It didn't take long for a howl to penetrate the stillness in the air. Then, a wolf leapt from out of nowhere and attacked the dead man. The beast shook at the zombie's foot, trying to get a free bone. Not today beast... not today.

The dead walker picked up the rabid hound and wasted no time biting into its flesh. A yelp of pain echoed through the air as blood ran down the mans chin and chest. The dog was effectively devoured in an instant, but still, the man wanted more... his hunger wouldn't be quenched by this lowly creature.

He followed the lights to town. It was nothing but carnage when he arrived. Peoples screams were pounding against the place where his ears used to be. The dead were conquering this place, and there was little that the fleshy living humans could do about it.

He didn't care about any of that. He needed to feed. He searched the homes and outhouses but everyone was accounted for. His bretheren were eating in the street; some sharing with a handful of others. He wanted his own meal.

Stumbling through the alleys and surrounding structures led him to a new scent. His head zigged and zagged, trying to pick up its direction. Then, he heard the gasp for air. A female. Delicious.

He removed the lid from a garbage canister to see her there. She was young; no more than 8 years of age. She clutched a small brown teddy bear like it was the only thing she had left. It probably was. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up to his eye level. She shrieked with fear, drawing the attention of the other hungry creatures. 

He didn't want to share. 

The man plunged his mouth into her neck, effectively silencing her screams. Her blood, so young and new, was like a drug or a barrel of whiskey; ecstacy. 

The other hungry 'people' reached his position, and even then, there was little of her left. He gave in and let the others finish the child off. He wanted something a bit more fresh. 

Gunshots rung through the air, causing him to follow the sound. They came from a building with bars on its windows, effectively keeping the other dead walkers out. They were all after something... something with blood. 

As he made his way towards the building, there were more gunshots, followed by the dead creatures falling to the ground. Whatever was inside was putting up one hell of a fight. 

He wanted to stop. He tried to force himself to keep away. He couldn't. His legs kept walking, and his need to feed grew with each passing step. There was a crowd around the front door and at the windows. When one walker was shot down, another took his place. There had to be a way in if he could just think...

Unfortunately, brainpower wasn't one of the dead's attributes. He stood in the crowd, and waited his turn to try to break down the door or windows. 

It was then that a gunshot rang that had dire consequences. The dead man fell to the ground, dead... again. The bullet entered through the back of his head, and exited out of his left eye socket. 

The mounted gunman continued his cleanse of the town, leaving the flesh eating creatures the way they once were. Dead.