(Thus Far)

Today's blog is relatively short and the title very self explanatory. I'm simply highlighting the ten covers that I love for various reasons- mainly because of the art showcased on them, or maybe just because they struck some chord deep within me. Anyway, I'll begin by showing each and giving a brief explanation as to why I liked them enough to include them. I'll also have a few honorable mentions at the end. Enjoy today's picto-blog!


Come on- it has Lara Croft and Shadows of the Empire on it.


It's Red Faction.


You've encountered a wild Master Chief.


Enough to make any Star Wars fan drool.


Now with more crowbar.


Never has the destruction of a planet been so beautiful...


Never has the- wait, didn't I say that already?


Hello Bats.


Let's play 'Find the Easter Eggs'.


Geralt looks on...


Hope you enjoyed my picks, and allow me to clarify one small thing: these are ten of my favorite magazine covers from GI, however, instead of being in order from least of my favorites to most, they are simply in order of eldest to youngest in terms of release. Sorry if that was confusing. Until next time on GIO folks, I bid you adieu.