Hey there folks. How goes it? This here little blog is going to be a followup of sorts to my official review of Naughty Dog's epic end of the line story, The Last of Us. In order to follow my thoughts and sporadic mutterings here, you're going to most likely want to have read my review on the subject matter on hand. That having been said, allow me to explain just what I intend to make clear in this blog today. The title may have you thinking that I've decided to change my mind about how much I enjoyed The Last of Us, or how epic a game it was- I assure you, that is not so. The title instead stems from the fact that I would like to flesh out what I could not for necessity's sake in my official review of the game here. Instead, this blog will be my kind of "second cleansing" of the matter, where I will talk more in-depth about some of the key portions of the game that affected me the most, etcetera, etcetera. Now, be warned- there will most likely be a multitude of spoilers, so if you are reading this- you are doing so at your own risk of ruining your gaming experience. I will be very plainly speaking my mind on several aspects of the game today, particularly some of the things (the few) that I did not really enjoy about the game, and how that affected my overall score (barely, as I gave it a 9.75 regardless). I won't be holding back, and will be writing everything pretty spur of the moment, entering my mind- so anything goes. That's particularly why I am warning you again of spoilers. I am also going to do something that I don't normally do in my blogs or in any of my content here, for that matter- break the content up into several pages, by idea and section. Each will be a little shorter for it, but I figured you guys would rather try something new and look at a fresh new page each time than at the same one over and over, having scrolled down through the walls of text already. You can thank me for that later. Anyway, let us begin shall we...?

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