A Continued List of Games that Aren't Abominable, and Yet Don't quite hit high enough to Warrant anything other than Mediocrity, despite getting Plenty of Hype

From time to time, there are inevitably going to be disappointing moments in the release of highly anticipated games, especially when they have been hyped up, and have extreme potential. Nothing spells disappointment like a game that should have been and could have been awesome, but instead turned out only to be alright and average in gameplay, story, or another key aspect. This blog may seem similar to my previous '5 Games' blog, but will not possess any of the same titles as talked about there- so no, Dragon Age 2 will not appear here as well. Sorry. Anyway, it's time to get this show on the road, and get down to business.


Number Three:

Brink (Bethesda) 2011

Brink did many things right, despite it's extremely flawed gameplay and the lack of true enjoyment the majority of gamers will get out of the fast-paced game. It showcases some pretty good graphics, boasts an awe-inspiring amount of character modification, bonuses, and cosmetics, and it also has a story that sounds interesting for a science fiction/near-future narrative...on paper. However, the devil is in the details, and those details are the major inconveniences of the game that undermine it from the get-go. For an experienced and renowned developer/publisher such as Bethesda (and ID as well), Brink is a slightly tarnishing game on their otherwise sparkling (with some exceptions) reputation. The game was hyped up a lot, despite being ultimately overshadowed by Skyrim's release as well a little while after, and I, for one, was following Brink news with interest. The game is a classic and modern exemplification of how something so promising can ultimately fall through and turn sour. The game isn't terrible, but it is nowhere near great as well, and for that, I'd have to personally give it no more than a 7/10, based simply on its impressive arsenal and amount of content modification available to players. The character building system is a better game in and of itself than Brink actually is, ironically enough. Maybe Splash Damage could market it for other developers...


Number Two:

Fracture (Lucas Arts) 2008

Fracture is one of the saddest games in my vast gaming library to date, well, besides public enemy number one listed below (Too Human). It had only one real mission to accomplish, but failed even at that. It's a shame really, because the terrain altering aspects of it do work, but the game still falls through. I'll admit I was excited to try a semi-hybridized puzzle/shooter game when I first heard LucasArt's announcement about the game, but quickly grew disillusioned when I played it firsthand. Even today, despite it not being completely terrible, it is a sad stain on the bumflap of gaming society in comparison to gold standard bearers such as Oblivion and Wolfenstein 3D. Yes, the major gimmick of terraforming weaponry works...kind of, but a poor story (which sounded intriguing on paper, again), equally dissatisfying gameplay, and some really tedious, albeit cool looking bosses make Fracture ultimately a failure. Plus, it released near The Force Unleashed, which was much better, even if its story made virtually no sense. Gameplay mechanics are where it's at, but then, from playing Fracture, we wouldn't know that, would we? All thoughts aside, the game would most likely fall between the 6.5-7 range regardless, if barely so.


Number One:

Too Human (Silicon Knights) 2008

Ah, and now we make it to one of the truly, most annoying games I have ever played. Seriously, I could rant on and on about how frustrating Too Human can be, and how longwinded its three worlds are yet so short on content, but that is not the point here. Too Human was Silicon Knights' ambitious, trilogy spanning project, but was in reality a mire of hot soup and mediocrity. The saga they had planned sounded epic, but instead barely got started, barely worked, and even barely escaped complete eradication- in the form of the banning of its sales and the whole Unreal Engine debacle, which I will refrain from commenting on at all for time's sake. Ultimately, Too Human failed to live up to any of its hype, and really disappoints me, as I've always thought Silicon Knights to be a pretty good little developer, especially after Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. However, this has forever sullied their reputation- not really so much for me, but for the entirety of the gaming populace it seems. I mean, just look at the flak they are getting for even being related to the Shadow of the Eternals project for crying out loud! But, anyway, in the case of Too Human- tedious gameplay, horrendous mechanics including the terribly placed camera, poor health quantity, and leveling system that should work but doesn't, and a story straight from Hel (see what I did there?) make the experience one I would not eagerly try of my own free will again. I barely made it through the first time, and certainly not unscathed. I'm sorry, but there seriously isn't anything to be found really redeeming in this game. It is literally my epitome of sucking the life out of you for ever hour wasted in-game. Despite this, the (this one probably is abominable) game would get at least a solid 5/10 from me, all things considered. Sorry SK, you got an F- on your report cards with this one.