This week the gang is back with an absolutely GINORMOUS episode that was so big it forms its own three part trilogy. In part one, Jeremy, Daniel and Jack talk about the latest Hobbit film, The Desolation of Smaug, what it does well, its faults, and why exactly Peter Jackson is making The Hobbit into three films. Parts two and three actually deal with the top ten games of the generation. Part two has each of the three hosts stating their cases for the games that made their personal top ten lists, along with one honorable mention. The final installment in the Hobb- erm, JIM Show Episode 30 trilogy sees Jack, Jeremy, and Daniel compromise, bribe, and in some cases swindle, their way toward a single, definitive top ten list for the generation.

What games will come out on top? Listen to find out!

Part 1: The Desolation of Friendships

Part 2: The Top Ten Games of the Generation - Opening Remarks

If you'd like to read about Jack's list a bit more in-depth, you can find it on the Extra Life website.

Music this week is inspired by the widely unknown NES title Chojin Sentai Jetman. Titled 'Itsutsu no Chikara' by Magellanic. More great music like this can be found over on the Head over there and check out a place flowing with musical talent!

Part 3: The Top Ten Games of the Generation - Debate

Are you a fan of the galaxy map music from the Mass Effect series? The tasty track this week was inspired by that galactic tune! Titled 'Full Paragon' by the talented Psycho Crusher. More great music like this can be found over on the Head over there and check out a place flowing with musical skillz (that's right, with a z).

Since it has been several weeks since our last official giveaways, which were plagued by technical issues, we've decided to give away three games this week! The titles up for grabs are Starbound, Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. What do you have to do to be eligible for one of these fine titles? Just leave a comment on this blog or a review over on iTunes (heck, if you could even subscribe to us if you feel inclined)!

Oh, and for those of you that want to hear a bit more from the three clowns who host this podcast, here is a small episode of Extra JIMS.

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