Hello, good folks of Game Informer Online! It has been a while hasn’t it? In fact, it has been roughly ten episodes of a while. What’s that? Ten episodes isn’t a measurement of time? Well, you’re right. However, we at JIMS Inc. tend to record more or less one episode per week and considering that we took a few weeks off while looking for a new hosting site… well, like I said in the first place, it has been a while.

Moving on, remember that bit where I said something about ten episodes? I wasn’t pulling that number out of nowhere. Right now, there are ten brand-new, shiny, and all-around great podcast episodes of the Jacked-up Indie and Mojo Show for your listening pleasure! After we found our new home over on Libsyn, we began working on editing and finishing all the episodes we had recorded in the meantime. Now we are all caught up and will be having a new episode posted every Tuesday beginning tomorrow! You can listen to us talk, debate, and nearly kill each other over things like: used games, Jeremy’s terrible luck with customer service, DRM, E3 and next-gen systems, Daniel getting rear-ended by teenage girls, and much, much more! Below, you will find all ten episodes, half of which are blasts from the past featuring community guests like Ace13, Hist, Born4This, and Noobtubin8r, along with more recent episodes from the last few weeks. We hope you enjoy them as much as we love making them (even though Daniel smells sometimes).

The JIM Show Episode 59 with Community Guest Ace13

In this blast from the past, we invited Game Informer community ember Ace13 on to the show to discuss video games and video game related topics. As always, we cover a wide variety of topics like how freelancing video game journalism works and Fire Emblem, but focus mostly on our favorite female characters in video games and what makes those leading ladies so great.

Shout outs

Well That Was Awkward… - ADAMMWOOLLEY

What Dead Space 3 Learned From RPGs – Draco

Hunger Games Plus Minecraft Equals Win… - Saint

Why You Should Always Read Multiple Reviews - Ashaman3000

Video Game Violence, the Media, and a Thing Called “Realism” - David Chandler

The closing music in this episode is ’Hoy, Small Fry!’  by HyperDuck SoundWorks and brilliantly combines the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time themes.

The JIM Show Episode 60 with Community Guest Born4this

In this episode recorded shortly after the PS4 reveal, the gang (and Dean) gathered together to talk all things PS4 related. The end result is an episode full of speculation, excitement, and predictions for the future of console gaming. Dean also talks about his awesome new passion project of custom painting his old Super Nintendo.

The final track of this episode is ‘Spelunking in Space’ by Hylian Lemon, a reworked version of Cocoa Cave theme from Kirby Super Star.

The JIM Show Episode 61 with Community Guest Noobtubin8r

In episode 61, I went AWOL with a broken computer, leaving Daniel and Jeremy to fend off the hordes of Brian Seavey's (aka Noobtubin8r’s). Daniel, Jeremy and Brian helm the show and discuss Aliens Colonial Marines and the new Lara Croft.

Shout outs

Pulling Rank – markus1142

The PlayStation 4 and the Future of Game Accessibility – Josh Straub

Help Wanted: Minion. Apply Within – Hist

To close this episode, we have the help of ‘A Reminiscence’ by Ergosonic (disc 1-track 12), which reimagines the closing suite of Kirby Super Star, touching on all the most memorable melodies of the classic title.

The JIM Show Episode 62 with Community Guest Hist

It was our pleasure to have Game Informer community member and blogging star Hist on the show to talk with us about all things gaming. We tackle Dead Space 3's microtransactions (remember THOSE???) and our feelings for the Assassin's series on the heels of the Assassin’s Creed IV announcement. We also discuss some comments about PR women made by Cliff Bleszinski, the former lead designer at Epic Games.

Shout outs

Help Wanted: Minion. Apply Within - Hist

So You Think Video Games Are Bad? - ADAMMWOOLLEY

What Happened to Personal Accountability? – ADAMMWOOLLEY

The Real Reason I Love Pokémon – O’Dell Harmon

Review Numbers – We’re Doing It Wrong – Jolt the Cynic

The credits song of this episode is ‘Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury’ by Ergosonic (disc 3-track 5), a spunky reimagining of Mega Man X’s Spark Mandrill theme.

The JIM Show Episode 63

This episode sees the gang gush about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, talk about the violence in BioShock Infinite, and discuss always online consoles.

The music which closes out this episode is ‘Armored Beetle’ by Txai (it can only be obtained by downloading the entire album), a combination of the Armored Armadillo and Gravity Beetle themes from Mega Man X.

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