Hello listeners, hearers, and... ear-ers? This week, Daniel and I helm the show sans Jeremy. We talk about our new YouTube projects, gaming news past and present, and the Dead Space 3 demo.

I explain Digi Bros. and how my co-host Cory and I stink at Dark Souls, while Daniel bemoans looking crazy with a puppet in Cody's Take. We also discuss crazy and not-so-crazy reactions to video game news ranging from microtransactions to white house petitions. Given that our previous episode (the real episode 56) was lost to the ether due to technical difficulties, we also tackle some older news. Then, we reach our Dead Space 3 discussion. I try to articulate my point, but couldn’t think of a great example until after the fact, which I will explain... now:

I see Dead Space 3 falling victim to what I’ll call The Die Hard Effect. The first Die Hard was so great because John McClane was just a normal guy, an everyman hero. As the series progressed, he lost the quality that made him such an everyman, eventually turning into a super heroic demi-god in Live Free Die Hard, WHERE HE FIGHTS A FIGHTER JET. I see Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke is going down a similar path. Or maybe I am just full of crap and Dead Space 3 will still be a horror game and not an action game starring a gun-shooting superhero. I hope that makes more sense than what I sputtered about trying to say in the podcast.

We also talk about Temple Run 2, gaming with special lady friends, and Epic Mickey 2’s extremely lackluster sales (which probably heavily influenced Junction Point Studios shutdown).

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