Another week, another Digi Bros.! Cory and I continue discovering new things about Namco-Bandai’s dark title (see what I did there?). This week on Digi Brothers, we fight skeletons followed by bigger skeletons, puzzle over menu screens, and do battle with the camera controls.

Will we stand victorious at the end of Digi Bros. episode beta? Or will we be defeated by the dastardly cunning of Dark Souls? Watch below to find out! Share it with your close acquaintances, stray animals, random passersby, anyone you want (we don’t have standards)!

We are putting a lot of effort into Digi Bros. and we would like to hear from you! Are the episodes too long? Are we not funny enough? Do we need a catch phrase? Do you think we suck? Let us know! We really appreciate feedback, comments, subscribers, suggestions, likes, etc.

As a side note, we are beginning to think that our OverBlood episodes are cursed. To date, we have lost footage or sound for about three episodes so far. What does that mean for you? Nothing, because we haven’t posted them yet. What does that mean for us? It means we have to play through the game again to get to the points where we no longer have footage and play through them again. AGAIN.

If you missed Episode 1, here is a link.

Digi Bros. is posted every week on Monday.