Hello lords and ladies of Game Informer Online! Making a glorious re-return is your favorite (okay, maybe fifth or sixth favorite) neighborhood podcast in not one, but two episodes! Join us as we badger special community guests Cru Hunter and Zachary Pligge about their lives, gaming or otherwise.

Episode 53 with Special Guest Cru Hunter

First, it is our pleasure to grace your ears with the melodious tones of the long over-due episode 53 with community member Cru Hunter! We talk all things Thanksgiving, Black Friday, zombie games, Ico, mispronunciation of gaming icon names, Assassin’s Creed III, Amnesia Fortnight, and Wii U. You also get to hear an incredibly awkward introduction by yours truly and some of the most awkward phrasing that has ever come out of my mouth!

As always, you can listen to our podcast below or download it through iTunes or PodOmatic.

Time for the Indie and Mojo Show... Shout outs shout outs shout outs

Why Glitches Are Great by Cameron Koch

Modern Dating by Hist

The Most Insane Characters in Gaming by x19

Erica’s Monument-al Adventure Day 1, Day 2, Day 3-6 by Zachary Pligge

The Smiths perform "Big Mouth Strikes Again" at the end of episode 53. Be sure to head over to iTunes or your preferred music retailer and purchase some of their great music.

Episode 55 Game of the Year Throw-Down with Special Guest Zachary Pligge

For the second half of our double feature, our 2012 wrap-up episode will blow you away with the drama, tears, and blood of the debate over which game deserves the Game of the Year Golden Biscuit Award. We were also graced with the presence of Zachary Pligge for this episode and he joined in the debate and gave us the story behind his blog series Erica’s Monument-al Adventure. SPOILERS ABOUND IN THIS EPISODE. You have been warned.

Can you guess which game buttered our biscuits the most?

You can join Zachary in his Minecraft monument building mission for Erica on Xbox Live through his gamer tag: Pliggethefallen

Again, you can simply listen below or download through iTunes or PodOmatic. Nothing has changed since a couple paragraphs ago.

The music at the end of Episode 55 is brought to you by the soundtrack of The Hobbit (one of my favorite parts from the film, actually). Check it out on iTunes or your preferred purveyor of fine musics and throw your money at it.

You stay classy, Game Informer.

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