Howdy lords and ladies of the digital frontier, we here at Indie and Mojo Inc. are pleased to produce the next preposterous episode of The JACKED UP Indie and Mojo Show! This week we are excited to have Game Informer’s own Craigaleg on to talk about video reviewing while Daniel and I chat about freelancing in video game journalism and Mojo’s Game Informer promotion to moderator-ship. Daniel also talks more about his move to San Francisco/Los Angeles (same place, right?). We talk Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead (we really can’t go an episode without talking about it), and cross-play on the PS Vita.

Listen close to this episode and you can hear Jeremy sing to his cat.

We also, as always, talk about Extra Life Team GIO. It is less than a month until the actual event on October 20 and nearly half of the team members currently have $0 raised! Do you know what this means??? It means that we can definitely double or triple the amount we currently have raised ($3,800)! Feel free to donate and/or join by following the link. You can also win sweet prizes by donating and joining.

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Now it is time for the Indie and Mojo shout outs shout outs shout outs

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This week’s music is fittingly “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin. You should probably buy their music if you don’t know who they are because, frankly, you’re out of the loop.

You stay classy Game Informer!

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