Hello friends and fellow ne’er-do-wells, we are happy to present you all with another fine episode of The JACKED UP Indie and Mojo Show! This week I talk about my Game Informer internship coming to a close, Daniel soldiers on through the podcast despite being crippled by a cold, and we spend some time talking about Sleeping Dogs, Guild Wars 2, and Sound Shapes.

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Now is the part where we do the...

Indie and Mojo Show shout outs shout outs shout outs

Hype Makes the Game by Mr_Tibb
I Am Now A GI Intern Alumn by Ali Rapp
An American Gamer in Europe by Glasses
Well I Failed… by TOGNick

Music this week is by Cat Power. If you dig it, be sure to head on over to her site to find more music by Cat Power! Cat Power! (I really like saying Cat Power)

As a special treat stay tuned after the music to hear a conversation between Lisa Thrasher and Jeremy about Jeremy’s theory on Abraham Lincoln and vampire hunting. We hope you enjoy the show!

You stay classy Game Informer!

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