We here at Indie and Mojo Inc. are really dedicated to helping sick children. We are so dedicated that we convinced (ie: coerced) Indiejones, aka Daniel, to willingly and enthusiastically play (ie: to suffer through) thirteen minutes of the indie horror game Slender. His girlish screams and salty exclamations were all in the name of promoting Extra Life and Team GIO!

In the following clip, Daniel laments his computer’s low resolution, ponders why women are attracted to men, and provides hilarity in abundance at his own expense.

If you enjoyed this, think of what you could be doing if you participated in Extra Life, a 24 hour video game marathon to raise money for sick and injured kids in hospitals via Children’s Miracle Network. Indie and Mojo (and myself) cordially invite you to join Team GIO and ask that you raise a few bucks or so to support your local children’s hospital. If helping kids isn’t enough to move your heart, a number of prizes have been put up by various people on Team GIO as incentives to join and donate.

For more information on prizes, go here.

For more information on Extra Life, go here.

To join or donate to Team GIO, this would be a good place to go.

Help us help kids.