This week on The Indie and Mojo Show, we talk all things Mass Effect in a whopping two part episode special! Hear our thoughts, along with GIO community member, Dean aka Born4This, as we talk about each game in the series, the DLC, and beyond. Also, I give a brief overview of the show for new listeners.

People may not know this, but I am a member of the well known, critically acclaimed, and overall rockstar podcast known as The indie and Mojo Show. On the show we talk mostly about video games and a bit about our personal lives. Sometimes we even invite guests onto the show (as is the case with this week's episode(s)) and pry into their lives and hear some of their super-secret opinions and thoughts. We also touch on the Game Informer and the GIO community, covering and involving ourselves in events like Team GIO's Extra Life event or  shenanigans going on in the GI office.

For this week, the crew invited on special guest Dean aka Born4this to chat about the epic sci-fi trilogy Mass Effect. We cover the entire series in-depth including everything from the three main entries, the DLC and even the books. Hear our thoughts on the action, the story, the RPG elements (or lack thereof), the high points and the low points, but don’t expect any talk of the ending of Mass Effect 3. There is almost none. We have covered our thoughts on the ending before. These two episodes are our homage to what some of us believe to be the most important franchise of this generation.


Episode One covers the first two games and the DLC. We give a rundown of how the series changed from 1 to 2; what improvements were made and what we missed in the Normandy’s second voyage. Dean has never played the original Mass Effect so we give a synopsis of that game’s plot and explain some nuances to him that he didn’t pick up on.

Episode Two covers our thoughts on Mass Effect 3 including the characterization, the way certain scenes played out, why that Geth mission was so weird, who is this Kai Leng guy and why did EA transport him from Syndicate into Mass Effect?

Regrettably, there are no shout-outs shout-outs shout-outs this week, but we will be back next week with shout-outs I promise! The song at the end of the first episode is from the Mass Effect credits by a band called Faunts. The song at the end of the second episode is the Mass Effect Medley from the symphony orchestra, Video Games Live.

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