Blendo Games released a little gem towards the beginning of 2010. This gem was called Flotilla and featured space pirate chickens, bounty hunting rhinos, and smuggler kittens. The premise is simple: you are a space captain and have a terminal illness that limits your life to the next few months. Of course, the only logical thing to do in that situation is to go on a grand space adventure and become a tactical master of space combat. At the outset you have only two simple ships. But as the adventure progresses, you will most likely end up with others: beam frigates, destroyers, carriers, etc.

The gameplay is largely built around flanking your opponent's vessels in any of the three dimensions of space. You can also take advantage of the terrain by hiding behind different debris that lay scattered around the randomly generated maps. As you can imagine, a game where your character begins with a terminal illness doesn't last very long. However, this is a game meant for multiple playthroughs. It keeps track of how many different adventures you have had as a captain and keeps scores of the different plays to compare to other players online. Speaking of other players, did I mention that this game is co-op? That's right you can jump right in with a friend and play together or pit your tactical minds against one another.

At $10, this is a pretty cheap diversion and I would recommend it to those with little time to spare for games. For those looking for a longer time commitment, this is probably not the game for you. It is not very deep or involving, but good for half hour stretches (which is about how long an adventure lasts).