My eyes rove the bloody field. Bodies lay scattered over the rocks and various structures. A barrage of bullets whiz past my face. I quickly duck back behind my cover: a large rock. I check my ammo supply, only to discover that I have only two rockets and five shotgun shells. Unfortunately, I can hear the sounds of a German accent and the whirling of a gigantic gun coming closer. I feel a brief flash of fear and wonder if I have enough time to run. But I know it is hopeless. I see a rock further back that has a discarded med kit behind it. If I can just make it there, I might just live through this. I adjust my helmet and start running, rocket-launcher at the ready.

This is not the scene of a battle hardened Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game. This is Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 has been out for a while now. It is an online shooter that offers a few very simple game types: arena, capture the flag, capture point, and payload. Payload, capture point, and capture the flag all divide players into two teams while arena allows players to hone their skills in a free-for-all battle to the death. What makes the game interesting are its classes. In battle you can choose between nine separate and distinct classes: the fast moving Scout, the rocket-wielding Soldier, the flame spewing Pyro, the one-eyed Demoman, the chain-gun hefting Heavy, the needle-toting Medic, the deadly Sniper, the base-building Engineer, and the elusive Spy. The classes all play very differently and fit to different play styles. This gives the game a very wide appeal, as players can play the game any way they wish.

Matches are fast paced, leading to frequent death for less experienced players. However, if a player can over come the initial shock of getting owned, the game has a lot of depth and immense replay value. There is no story, just plain multiplayer-insane fun. I recommend this game for everyone to give a fair shake at least once.

I would recommend this for the PC since the 360 and PS3 servers are pretty empty. Also it is a great buy if you purchase along with The Orange Box collection.

Warning: due to the human nature of the players on the servers of Team Fortress 2, I wouldn't suggest this for younger children as it is a game rated M for mature.