I am a hardcore gamer (see Image below (not actually me)). I like shooting things. I enjoy my definitely-not-final fantasy. I'm more than happy to sit and spend my free time immersing myself in the unique worlds and stories that are told in games. I appreciate the time and effort that go into games and I like to think that some of the titles I have experienced rise above mere 'entertainment.'

However, in the course of my life I have met many individuals who disagree with my assessment of video games. They claim, not in these exact words, that video games are all, as the term 'game' suggest, merely toys for immature grown-ups and children. At most a quick game of solitaire is acceptable, but anything beyond that is childish.

Now the question I wish to raise is aiming to defend neither the hardcore nor the naysayers, rather I wish to ask: where are the people who appreciate and respect video games (a la hardcore), but might not necessarily even play games (like the naysayers)? There appears to be no middle-ground on the issue. Maybe there are people out there who think that, but I have never met them or heard from them.

One answer to this conundrum might be the 'casual gamer' (see image below) I have observed that most of those 'casual gamers' are only playing games because they are with their friends and at most consider games a distraction from other activities.

Another answer could be that these people don't care enough about the issue to speak out. I think that this might be more likely, but that is just speculation on my part. If anyone who reads this is a person from the middle-ground just shoot me a message so that I can prove myself a liar.