The Phantom Gamer

(I am referring to myself you people who might be confused after reading this post)

So I tried to come up with a clever, eye catching title for my first Game Informer blog (I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it) and of course the first title that came into my head was a Star Wars reference. That probably tells you all a lot about me. Well, it probably only tells you that I like Star Wars... which I do. 

Anywho, I recently made the transition to college and it's been totally crazy. I have barely had any time to put into my favorite hobby (NOTE: way of life) except for the odd periods of Team Fortress 2 on my computer. Now don't get me wrong, Team Fortress 2 is fantastic, but I brought my Xbox 360 to spend the time I should be using with a girlfriend (yes ladies, I'm single. You may begin mobbing me at anytime). I did not bring that glorious piece of human ingenuity to sit in my dorm and look like a pretty, white, oddly shaped box.

So the other day I discovered that two of my dorm mates also have 360's and was delighted by the offer to borrow some of their games. At the offer I immediately whipped out Fable 2, the game that I have been dying to play since I beat the original Fable a few months ago (yes, a few months ago. I tend to fall behind on some fantastic titles and remember them years later).

I popped in the disc and was instantly in love with the game. I had read a lot of the reviews so I knew that the combat was simplistic and the story was short. However, I didn't care. I had the usual internal debate that begins every game that has a good/bad alignment system and decided to be a good guy (as I always do, because honestly, the decisions that you have to make in most games with that sort of scale are either a. help grandma cross the street or  b. run her over in a car with demonic glee, cackling all the while. This is a discussion I will probably talk about more as Mass Effect 2 gets closer to completion). I witnessed the cliche hero story opening and then got into the thick of the game.