In light of all the negative news surrounding the game industry lately, I would it would be cool to give an honorary notice to some of our most favored developers, publishers, studios, etc. This can range from being a fan because they consistently produced a game you cherish, they made one particular game that you love, they have a particular style that is unique to their name, etc. With that said I'll take the reins and introduce some of the developers that I like most (not all will be included in the list because it would be TOO long, and in no particular order by the way).


When you think of Bethesda, you think of games like Elder Scrolls, and Fall Out. With that being said one thing that Bethesda is known in their M.O is making quality Open-World RPG games. They are known for more than just that, supporting games like Evil Within, DisHonored, among other titles, but Bethesda always seems to deliver.


The most notable and well-received game coming from Rocksteady was one that would redefine how combat, the hero genre and its fandom, among other things are seen. The Batman Arkham series, a franchise that would rekindle the dying spark of superheroes in video games. Rocksteady has only made 4 games since being founded in 2004, 3 of which are the Batman Arkham titles, but those alone gave the studio notoriety, and gave them enough influence that numerous other studios would try to mimic their success in their own titles, namely the reactive, fluid combat mechanics.


A prominent quality in most of Aksys games, is their animation style. It's unique, quirky, gorgeous, and speaks to me. Besides their animation style, Aksys does what I cherish most as an American Otaku, keep the Japanese voice acting. When it comes to games like this I personally can't take the onslaught of English voices, the fact that they keep the traditional voice acting in all dialogue while still including the subtitles is something I hope dear.

Square Enix

Square Enix and I have a bit of a rocky relationship, but I can't deny that I will almost always go back. Mostly because of Kingdom Hearts, it was a game I abstained from at first, but after being introduced to it, couldn't let go of. Most of Square Enix's own published titles such as Final Fantasy I could care less for, but as long as they have Kingdom Hearts, so too will they hold a place in mine.

Developer Mention

Keiji Inafune

Creator of the Megaman franchise, I was one of the first batch of Kickstarter backers to jump aboard the Might No. 9 hype train. It was a restoration to one of my most prized childhood icons, and not only that but Keiji has helped to mold other awesome titles by collaborating with the studios, such as his recent work with Inti Creates and Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Indie Studio Mention

Red Hook

A recent studio, and the minds behind what looks to be a phenomenal indie title, Red Hook are the creators of the upcoming rogue-like, RPG dungeon crawling, turn based strategy games Darkest Dungeon. In a game that shows you what it is truly like to be a hero, your characters suffer from mental anxieties having to constantly deal with abomination, permadeath, and perilous threats.


Your Take: What are some of your favorite studios/developers/publishers? What makes them stand out to you? Do you have any person behind the scenes that you favor?