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Available In The App Store Now

Today publisher DeNA announced the launch of Peter Molyneux and 22Cans’ kickstarted God simulator game Godus for iOS devices. The real time simulation game is available for free now in the App Store and is playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

In Godus, players assume the role of an omnipotent deity worshipped by the denizens of a primitive civilization. It is up to the players to use simple touch controls to shape the environment in which their people live, making mountains, rivers, or other resources for your worshippers to use. The God-Player will also have to assist their people when faced with set-backs or even rival Gods. The decisions made in creating the world and dealing with these challenges will determine how their people grow and progress through the ages. 

As the game advances, the God-player’s powers will develop alongside their people’s civilization. Questing in other lands will unlock new abilities, and historical artifacts hidden in the player’s own environment will uncover the story of the people that now follow them. DeNA and 22cans promise ongoing support for Godus in the form of future updates with more powers and new challenges. 

Godus is available for free now in the App Store. As we found out last year, Godus was the focal point of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity Cube experiment. For more info on how the “winner” of the Cube experiment affected the development of Godus, read this interview with Peter Molyneux. For more info on the recently released God simulator, check out our in-depth preview from last year’s PAX

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  • Downloading now.

  • Is this game any good? Is it worth free? Pete M's history of over promising and under delivering have me cautious of any project he works on.
  • Cool ill be downloading this when I get home. I love world shaping games (from dust one of my fav)

  • Android? O_o
  • But will there be hats?

  • No go for android? Sounds like a major misstep to me. Would be playing it now otherwise.

  • I remember this.... Yes the "winner" of the curiosity experiment gets a cut of all sales for this game... I remember thinking that was an odd reward for an experiment

  • This game *will* come out for android. Do some research people.

    Which platforms do you support?

    We will be making GODUS for the Mac, PC Windows and mobile (smartphones and tablets iOS and Android) initially. We'd love to be able to do Linux as well.

    Last updated: Sat, Dec 15 2012 8:28 PM EDT

  • I heard some things of this game on the forums that the PC version kinda stopped getting updated for some odd reason. As people are kinda getting fed up spending money on a half finished game. Now end up on Phones and Tablets?? I just sense they are trying to get money...regardless the iOS version is "Free"....it still has something in the background going to suck the money out of your pocket if your not careful.

  • Pass