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Angry Birds Transformers

Transforming Into Autobots And Decepticons With New Character Art

Rovio and Hasbro recently announced that they were teaming up for an Angry Birds/Transformers mash-up. Now, they've released new concept art, showing the eponymous angry birds and pigs transformed into iconic Transformers characters.

If this concept art is any indication, it looks like the playable birds will take the role of Autobots, while the pigs will appropriately play the antagonist Decepticons. View the full gallery below to see art of the Angry Birds versions of classic Transformers like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Megatron and more. 

Angry Birds Transformers will make use of the Telepod function seen in previous Angry Birds games, allowing players to place a figure of a character they want to use on the Telepod base to put that character into the game. We have not yet seen the Angry Birds Transformers figures.

Angry Birds Transformers does not currently have a release date, but it is coming to mobile app stores. 

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  • I don't like this mash-up.

  • I can honestly say I'm shocked that angry birds is still around.

  • .........*cough* one-hit wonder *cough*...

  • Why are people still supporting this games.
  • A brick has more creative talent than the person who drew these.
  • I still don't see how this became a thing. They don't even have actual bodies, so how would that even work in the first place? All they did was basically splice their heads onto transformer bodies. That has to be the laziest *** I've ever seen.

  • Somehow so much LESS than meets the eye.

  • I'm getting so damn tired of this f*cking game and that sh*t company.
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • First, Rise Of the Dark Spark which was extremely disappointing to no end. Then, came the 4th Micheal Bay movie which everyone hates. And now this?! This bullcrap?!!! Man, this year has been pretty bad for the Transformers license. Where the **** is High Moon Studios when you need them? And Where the **** is that FOC (Fall Of Cybertron) sequel?
  • LMAO!!! Those screenshots!!!
  • Smart move on Grimlock's part to not put up with this crap!
  • Dear Angry Birds Stop. Stop perverting everything I love. Sincerely, One of many people tired of your addiction to crossovers.
  • Wow a lot of crybabies on here.