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Jetpack Joyride Creators Preparing To Pit Bears Against Art

The next game from Halfbrick Studios, the developer behind Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, tells the story of a bear and his battle against art.

You can check out first trailer for the game below, which features a bear being imposed upon by humans setting up an art museum in the wild. The trailer only sets up the story and doesn't showcase any gameplay, but the description on the game's YouTube trailer says it will be a puzzle game. It will be a free to play title where players, as the bear, must overcome an assortment of obstacles like spikes, portals, and human security guards to gain entry into the museum and destroy the art.

Bears vs. Art is currently available in Australia and Canada and should have a worldwide release soon.

[Source: Halfbrick Studios on YouTube, via Polygon]

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  • I'm slightly offended by this
  • Haha, I love how it's the same voice actor from The Stanley Parable. That man is an excellent narrator.
  • BEAR!!!

  • Where do they even come up with an idea for a game like this?!

  • http://www.emmanuelmalin.com/ http://vianlee.cghub.com/ http://www.artdl.com/ http://jeffreylai.devi
  • Jetpack Joyride is awesome so I'm excited to see what this will be like.

  • very Seussical rhyming

  • But... video games are art.

  • I will *** on the Art as a bear.

  • Damn you iOS. Why is Android always late to the show?
  • Will this be free-to-play, like Halfbrick's other games?

  • Mod

    I really want to play this now.

  • Mod

    I really want to play this now.