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Million Onion Hotel

Million Onion Hotel iOS Trailer Paints A Bizarre Picture

Million Onion Hotel, an upcoming mobile game from some of the minds behind games like Little King's Story, is too bizarre not to share.

It's a puzzle game where players tap onions on a five by five grid in order to create combos. There also seems to be an element of hotel management, with the appearance of guests eating meals and renting rooms. There are also gigantic fish, strange asparagus people with multiple faces, and cows.

Currently, there is no word on an exact release date, but the trailer says it should be available this year. You can find out more about the game on its official website, as well as its Twitter account.

[Source: Onion Games, @oniongames, via Destructoid, NeoGAF]

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  • Why would anyone bother making a trailer for a mobile game?
  • What in the fudge did I just watch and why do I want it?

  • This is the war of the future.

  • Wut did I just read

  • Does this remind anyone else vaguely of Mother 3?

  • Ummm...