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Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run Releasing Next Month

Rayman Fiesta Run, the mobile auto-runner sequel to Rayman Jungle Run, is coming to iOS and Android devices next month.

The latest developer diary for the game, which is only partially in English, showcases the game and talks about some of the changes for the sequel. It also reveals when the game will be available to download.

You can check out the developer diary below and grab Rayman Fiesta Run for your iOS or Android device on November 7.

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  • This will be $2.99 or free?

  • Well, usually when I see a runner game like that, I run for the hills. However, because I know how fun Rayman games are, I may get this.

  • Yes! Rayman Jungle Run was a great game! It's one of my favorite iOS games and I had a ton of fun with it! I'll definitely be buying Fiesta Run after it releases!

  • I've had to replay Jungle Run 20 times since I install new roms on my Android device constantly, and every time I'm reminded of the fact that it could easily be the best Mobile game ever. It looks great and the controls are so simple and intuitive that it makes playing it extremely easy and fun. This looks better since the only complaint I had with Jungle Run was that its locals were boring.
  • The first one was great, and I really look forward to diving into their playful and beautiful world again.

    That said, I envy the level designer, he looks really young and I wish I had a job like his.

    On another note, Hanane Sbai, the Associate Producer is drop dead gorgeous. One of the best examples of natural beauty I've seen in the industry. And that smile...

    I really look forward to what this team delivers, and I need to brush up on my french again.

  • Hopefully it'll sell better than Rayman's other platforms this year. . . :)