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Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Returning To iOS With Fiesta Run

Rayman: Fiesta Run, a new iOS endless runner and follow-up to Rayman: Jungle Run, is coming to iOS this fall.

The announcement trailer for the game below showcases the new levels, new music, and some of the game's new features.

We're big fans of Rayman's return to 2D here at Game Informer. Head here to read our review of Rayman Legends.

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  • Although I do enjoy the artwork, I don't think I'd get into this one.

  • That's neat. If I had a smartphone I'd be all over it.

  • Oh sad, no android yet. Hopefully it eventually gets ported. Is it actually an endless runner or is it level based again? It would be awesome if it had an endless running mode, where the level continued and changed forever until you died and had online leaderboards or something.

  • These games are the best 3rd party games of the decade

  • Yeah, I'd get this if my phone wasn't made out of cardboard.

  • Needs more Android...

  • Cool. I enjoyed Rayman: Jungle Run; one of my favorite mobile games. I will definitely get this one, looks like it improves on Jungle Run and with more features.

  • Rayman can't do any wrong right now, after Legends being awesome.

  • I'm really excited for this. Ever since Origins I've played every single Rayman game. I loved Origins, Jungle Run, and Legends. But did you guys make a typo when you said endless runner, because Rayman Jungle Run was an auto-runner not an endless runner.

  • This makes me want to play more legends, but I beat it and all of the 8-bits in less than 9 hours :/

    Also, my phone came out last year and has really good hardware specs (Motorola Droid Razr M), but jungle run for android isn't supported on it. I tried playing it on my friend's phone and it was really fun. I'm super pissed. I even contacted them and they haven't done anything. There were people commenting on the app store about the same thing for their phones, too. ARGH! It's great they brought it to android, but they shouldn't half-ass it like that. Hopefully, they'll do a better job with this one.
  • Coming to Windows Phone 8 also.