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2K Drive

First 2K Drive Developer Diary Reveals Car Soccer

2K Drive is a high-end mobile racing game, but it will have more than just driving and racing. It also has car soccer and car platforming, in a weird way.

You can check out the video below, which showcases gameplay, and the more traditional aspects of the game. You will also see a bit of the car soccer (or football as it is referred to in the video), as well as other special modes like the arena-based survival mode, the special platform driving mode, and the speed driving of rocket cars through salt flats.

For more on 2K Drive, head here. The game should be available this fall.

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  • I just had flashbacks to the soccer mode in Excitebike 64.

  • Not bad..

  • Why not for Ps Vita? THAT THING NEEDS GAMES LIKE THIS! Why do they just ignore that awesome thing?