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Layton Brothers Mystery Room

Layton Comes To iOS Devices

Level-5 has announced a new Layton adventure available today for iOS devices. Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a brand new title that pairs Inspector Alfendi Layton with Detective Constable Lucy Baker.

While this is labeled as a Layton game, the trailer shows off something closer to the Ace Attorney series. Players will need to investigate crime scenes and interrogate witnesses to solve the cases.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is available now for iOS devices (iPhone 3GS and later, iPod Touch 4 and later, first-generation iPad and later, and iPad mini). The initial download is free and includes the first two files. Case Pack 1 (Files 3 - 6) costs $2.99, and Case Pack 2 (Files 7 - 9) costs $1.99, both via in-app purchase. 

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  • My iPod is getting quite old, so I have to check if this will run on it. But if it does, I plan on picking it up.

  • Level-5? Yes. Layon? Oh Yes! ios? Maaaan...

  • I've never played any of these but it looks interesting, now if it would only come out on android
  • No Android? I need to get an iPhone.

  • android shafted again =[

  • Reminds me of Puzzle agent.

  • I want to splurge and grab this today but I wonder if it will come to the eShop? I'd rather play my Layton games on Nintendo handhelds.

  • Only ios? ..well thats a damn shame then

  • No, Mr. T is innocent. The real mystery here is what fool stole his gold chains?

  • Sounds like a plan to me.

  • Awesome, I loved Proffessor Layton on 3DS!

  • Nothing remotely like the layton games...more like ace attorney. Which i also love

  • Now we need it on Windows Phone! Argh!


  • Dude, Layton has a bro? Sign 'em up for Smash Bros.!

  • Interesting

  • Hm, first two cases are free? Well played...

  • Layton on IOS?!? sold