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Deus Ex: The Fall

Not A Human Revolution Sequel

Earlier this week, Square Enix and Eidos Montréal teased a new title called Deus Ex: The Fall. Many had hoped that this would be a sequel to 2011's fantastic Human Revolution coming to consoles and PC. That is not the case.

Eidos announced today that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to iOS devices. It's a sequel to the novel Icarus Effect and stars a former mercenary Ben Saxon. He has been betrayed by his employers and is on the trail of a conspiracy.

The setting is 2027, the same year as Human Revolution. The visuals have the same grimy urban feel with the familiar golden hue overlaid. 

As for the gameplay, according to executive game director Jean-Francois Dugas, "It was really important for us to make the gameplay as simple as possible." The title features new augmentations, and a user interface that allows players to move icons around the HUD.

Square Enix recently stated it would be focusing more on mobile titles. It seems that those plans are already in motion. Deus Ex: The Fall will be at E3 next week in the Square Enix booth and available for purchase later this summer for $6.99. 

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  • Argh, they could of just made this a XBLA/PSN title and I would of been happy.  I have an iPad, but man I don't want to play this type of game on it, unless I can use either a M/K or Gamepad.  It doesn't look to bad from the gameplay video shown, but for only mobile, not really happy with that call.

  • That is really dumb...

  • big disappointment from SE.

    with due respect to mobile gamers, of course.

  • BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    *shakes fist in anger at square-enix
  • Damn it Square.

  • SE just go bankrupt already
  • Epic Fail... i don't want Games On Tablet or Phone...

  • ...Damn.

  • I'm confused. If Square Enix is focusing on mobile games but most mobile gamers aren't console gamers and the mobile game in question is Deus Ex which is a console platform then who is buying this game? If Square Enix is seeking smaller sized games for less risk, why not make a downloadable XBLA/PSN game in order to reach the fan base?
  • If this had been marketed as a mobile game from the get-go, then they could have saved all of this disappointment. It seems to me that mobile games need to be outed as mobile games as soon as possible so people know where to set their expectations.

  • Suddenly my interest plummets... -___-

  • Squeenix sucks. That is all.

    No seriously, what more do you expect from those idiots these days? I just feel bad for the legitimately awesome devs that are being affected by these blatantly idiotic people in charge. Squeenix, you suck. You flat out suck

  • This is a little disappointing, after how great Human Revolution was, I was hoping for a full fledged sequel, i'm sure this will be awesome, but I don't have an Ipad and no longer own an Ipod or phone.

  • IOS...come on!!!!!!  I wold love to see this on a console.

  • Well I WAS having a good day. This is really disappointing..

  • Let's tease a franchise that's well known on the PC community and recently on consoles (even though consoles got mediocre ports of the first 2 games a while back) where fans from both sides have been craving for another proper sequel to Deus Ex after the successful revival of the franchise with Human Revolution and release it on iphone.
  • Wow, what a disappointment. You can tell by looking at the comments that nobody is happy about this news. Companies should know by now not to tease a game only to reveal it as a mobile title. The majority of people will simply be let down and possibly never give the game a chance from then on. If you make it known from the start that it is mobile then maybe people will be willing to give it a shot. Such a strategy would seem like common sense, but then again, Square Enix isn't really in the common sense business.
  • So it's trash.

  • I am so glad I did not get my hopes up.
  • So, a game that had enough interesting things going for it to keep it refreshing even after the fifth time I restarted my playthrough of it is being succeeded by a simple mobile game. Looks like someone is on the ball with how they should be using their franchises...