Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

A Nintendo Switch Exclusive


     In his last adventure, Mario blasted off on an intergalactic journey that took him to the far reaches of the galaxy. Mario's newest adventure finds him back on Earth, but this promises to be his biggest game yet. Mario fans both old and new will find something to enjoy here.

    Mario's Odyssey is certainly true to its claim, as this adventure will take him far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. He will be taken on a globe-trotting adventure, visiting at least a dozen kingdoms. Each new kingdom brings with it a plethora of content to find, and sprawling maps to explore. The main collectable of the game: Power Moons are required to power your ship. Like most 3D Mario games, you collect these by completing platforming sections, solving puzzles and completing an assortment of other challenges. The design of the game is the most freeform that a Mario game has ever been, you are free to explore each kingdom as you wish, whether you want to find the bare minimum of moons required to proceed or try to find all the moons you can. It pays to indulge your own inner curiosity, as even the most menial of tasks could be rewarded with a moon. Each kingdom also provides a unique form of currency to collect, which is mainly used to purchase additional costumes and other extras.

    Mario is as spry as he has ever been with his repertoire of jumps, but he receives additional support from a ghostly companion known as Cappy. By tossing his hat at certain objects and enemies, Mario is able to capture them and make use of their abilities. There is so much content to discover in Super Mario Odyssey. With over 800 moons to discover, you will have plenty to do after the credits roll. It is very hard to find fault with this game.





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