Most of the time when you're playing a video game, you're playing a good guy. You're the hero. You're the one who's going to save the world.

Sure, more and more games are adding moral choices to their games, like Mass Effect, Infamous, and others. But ultimately that choice is up to you. You can still play the hero with no problem. And often, the moral choices are just whether you play as a Dick or not. You don't often (though you do occasionally) get to play as a true villain.

But every once in a while there's a game where there isn't a lot redeeming what you're trying to do. There may be moral shades of grey in the story, of course. But there's no doubt that part of the game has you wasting innocent people, or good guys just trying to do their jobs. These are the games that non-gamers look at us playing and may have a point when they ask "What is wrong with you?" (Empty Chair: I've been asking that question for years)

Despite that, these are awesome games that we just love playing anyway. Maybe they make us laugh (despite the fact that they shouldn't). Maybe it's a puzzle that comes from a rather dark corner of the mind.

These are the games that, maybe, your mother warned you about (assuming she didn't pick up a controller and play with you).

5) Overlord & Overlord 2

Ok, this may be stretching the definition of "love to play", but it is a fun little game where you are the ultimate bad guy. You actually can create and hire minions to do your dirty work, ransacking villages and trying to destroy or conquer the land. When good guys try to stop you? That fully-armored knight who wants to put you down?

That's what your can opener is for.

Those poor villagers, though.

4) Dungeon Keeper

I remember when this game first came out. I believe it was one of the first that makes you be on the other side. You're the ultimate bad guy, creating a dungeon and stocking it with evil monsters and traps to stop the annoying heroes from coming in and killing you (or at least taking all of your treasures). The idea is to kill as many good guys as possible. It was tons of fun, and it was pretty well-liked at the time (the original came out in 1997).  

It's too bad that it didn't continue after the second one came out in 1999, though apparently there is an MMO that's only out in China.

I loved its slogan: "Evil is Good!"

3) Saint's Row

How could you not have this series in here? (Empty Chair: What if you don't love it?)

This series is a perfect example of the "go for hilarity so you don't think about the morals of the game" concept. It's so over the top (which is probably why some people don't love it as much as I do) that you really can't take it seriously. But when you really dig down into the game, you are playing a bunch of scumbags who have no problem taking out multiple police officers during a mission. Yes, you are ultimately playing against other gang members as well, but there are a lot of innocent bystanders and police just trying to do their jobs.

Funny how none of these cities seems to have any children in it. Then again, would you let your kids play outside when this is happening?

2) Grand Theft Auto

The granddaddy of them all. You knew this was going to be on the list, considering how popular it is. And how controversial, too. I think every installment has had some kind of article written against it about how it signifies the fall of society.

Yes, Rockstar does add a lot of humor to things and puts it a bit over the top (not as much as Saint's Row, though it's definitely up there). And yes, many of the stories are about a guy just trying to find his way and ultimately get away from the crime business. In San Andreas, CJ is trying to get out of things, but he's kind of stuck because of Tenpenny (the ultimate bad cop). That being said, he does still seem to get into the gang wars without complaining about it too much.

One of the most exciting missions in GTA IV was the big heist, so much so that Rockstar is putting a bunch of them in GTA V. Lots of cops die in these missions. Not to mention the old "Renegade" side missions (whatever happened to those?) where the idea was to kill as many people as possible within the time limit using the weapon given to you. Nothing evil about that, right?

But wait a minute, you're asking. How can Grand Theft Auto not be #1? 

1) Plague, Inc

Because how can leading a life of crime and killing a bunch of police officers really stack up against trying to eradicate humanity?

That's what you do in Plague, Inc, a really fun iOS and Android game where you are a disease that is basically trying to do just that.

On the first level, you're a bacterial strain, but as you succeed in wiping out the human race, you graduate up to virus, fungus, parasite, all the way up to bio-weapon. You mutate the disease by using DNA points that you get from infecting more and more people, in addition to little DNA bubbles that pop up and that you have to press. These mutations are anywhere from making it more likely to be transmitted by bird migration to hardening the genetics of the disease to make the cure harder to find.

It's a really fun game, and a bit of a puzzle in that you have to figure out the best way to get your disease spread before the world starts curing you. If the cure is completed and distributed before you wipe out everyone, you lose. You may have wiped out 80% of humanity, but you still lose.

Here's a gameplay video to give you an idea of what it's like.

And there you have it. Five games where you are truly evil.

Even if the game is telling you otherwise.

And yet we love them.

What's up with that?

What's your favourite game like this? Let me know in the comments.