This is a very special time for me. A year ago, this week, I started my internship at Game Informer Magazine and officially became a member of GIO. For all of you who know me I would like to thank you for reading my articles and/or commenting.  For those who don’t, I’m O’Dell Edwin Harmon Jr., nice to meet you. In honor of my Anniversary week I have planned a post for everyday this week. (With a very special post to all the editors on the 12th)To kick things off we have The Best Boss Death Scenes in Metal Gear Solid Part 1. Enjoy! 

It should be obvious: SPOILER WARNING!!

#10 Fat Man (MGS 2) – “Oh no! I have nothing to wear to the party.”

With all the Metal Gear Solid V coverage I have been revisiting pervious Metal Gear Solid’s in anticipation for the latest installment.  Story is a driving factor for the games, but for me I always look forward to the boss battles. Fat Man delivers challenge along with laughs, and his parties are always the bomb! (Yeah that 90's pun just happened)

#9 The Fury (MGS 3) – “The fires of Hell will purge me clean.”

The Fury’s death is symbolic for a lot of things going on in the game. People can argue for hours about meanings in the series, but one thing is for sure. The Fury’s end was short, sweet, and poetic. 

#8 Metal Gear Ray (MGS 4) – “Think Again! Sorry, but that won’t work this time!”

Before you write any angry comments about this being so low on the list I need you to realize some things. Technically Metal Gear Ray isn’t alive so it never died, but the battle was truly amazing and the scene that followed its “death”. Don’t like it? Meet me by the flagpole at 4. 

#7 Olga (MGS 2) – “Live … you have too.” 

What do you call a person who is willing to betray her country, kinsman, and own father for something greater than herself? A mother named Olga. 

#6 Volgin (MGS 3) – “Who’s afraid of a little thunder?” 

Like most MGS bosses Volgin is a great antagonist. He is well rounded, relatable, and good depending on your views. His death is memorable because it’s a text book case of irony … and he pops like popcorn. 

That’s it for part 1. If your favorite boss/battle/death didn’t make it don’t panic. Part 2 will be coming your way later this week along with some cool things so sit tight. 

O’Dell is a former Game Informer editorial intern and is doing what it takes to make it in life. Part-time bar tender and full time Pokémon Master from Houston, TX with a degree from Texas A&M. Follow him on Twitter. He is a beast.