It's been a while since I've used this blog and last time that I did I met two fantastic writers who I added to my staff. They continue to write for my site now so I'm giving this another shot. 

I manage a small gaming website ( and we write up early impressions, reviews, lists, editorials on just about anything, and literally anything regarding to the video game world. I'm looking to add a maximum of two people to my staff because traffic is picking up and we're getting more indie titles to review from the developers. The gig doesn't pay, yet. We do get review codes early though and well many of us want to write about games and I'm hoping I can help you get started on your portfolio. 

We have very little rules. We make our own schedules. The topic you write about comes directly from you. It's an easy going enviroment if you come write for me. 

If you're interested feel free to email me at Attach anything you want for me to review. If you also want you can send me a link to whatever you want me to check out as well. Feel free to comment down below, literally any way you can reach out to me is a good way to show me you want to be part of something that we're currently growing. 

Thank you!