Hi guys, we’re back with another monthly Game-Making Challenge! This month, we’re going to continue that idea of shaping the story, tone, and genre of a game based around it’s environment. This challenge gives you a lot of freedom to create any style of game you’d like. It could be a platformer, a FPS, a text-adventure, or a survival horror game – all you need to do is make sure your game matches its environment.

StarterPack and I spent a while trying to come up with the best environmental descriptor we could. We wanted something that was broad enough that we would get multiple genres and styles, but something that would also be a bit more challenging than a general environment like ice, or forest, or anything that could be a Super Mario Bros. level.

So, are you guys ready for your word? You need to create a game based in an environment that is… saturated. In this case, saturated can be defined as “full of something”. Maybe your world is saturated with color, or zombies, or trees, or water. As long as your world feels full, the possibilities are endless. Or, maybe you want to go the opposite direction and have a world saturated with silence or loneliness. The world is literally at your fingertips.

The challenge here is to create a game based around the world that is bursting at the seams. This challenge asks the question: Can you create a world before you create the gameplay and mechanics? Can a game be – literally – built from the ground up, or is there a different order of operations in play?

I’m really excited to see what we all come up with for this challenge. I want to see crazy new environments that I haven’t seen before. The deadline for this challenge is March 23rd, so we have 3 weeks to get creative. I can’t wait to see what you create!