I have plenty of new content just waiting to be played, watched, and read. But for some reason, I can’t shake the urge to go back to games I’ve already beat. The urge to replay is starting to outweigh the new experiences patiently waiting to be had.


It started with books. Now that I finally have time to read for fun, I’ve been trying to catch back up on the fantasy books I’ve missed. I finally read the Kingkiller Chronicles and knocked out a few other trilogies. But, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to re-read The Wheel of Time series. With every new book I pick up, I can’t help but think I’d enjoy re-reading that series more.


Of course, it’s been easy to stop myself from jumping back into to those books. There are 14 of them – not including a prequel – and almost 12,000 pages between them all. It’s a huge task to read those books, which so far is the best deterrent. I’m not sure I really want to re-read a series that took me the better part of a year to read the first time. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from staring wistfully at them every time I go to my dad’s.



The same is starting to happen with TV shows and games too. Instead of jumping into the dozens of series I’ve heard good things about, I decided to re-watch Adventure Time. I’m happy with my choice – this is a good show after all – but, I feel almost guilty about it when there are so many new things to see. There are so many shows to catch up on and shows that I’ve told friends I would try… But here I am halfway through season 3.


There’s also this feeling of staying relevant and up-to-date – especially with games. I want to understand the references and tweets. I want to be able to play and write posts that are timely. But, lately my wants just aren’t cooperating with my thoughts. Instead of playing Pyre or really making progress in The Shrouded Isle, I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the Game Boy. I’ve still been obsessively playing Breath of the Wild despite beating the story months ago.



In fact, the only time I’ve been regularly playing new games is when I play with my brother. If not, I just keep wanting to replay games I’ve already enjoyed. And it’s not like I’m only wanting to replay games that are heavy with nostalgia. I want to replay Night in the Woods and Rime even though I’ve played them both in the last few months. I’ve had the desire to replay games before, but I’ve not sure it’s ever been to this degree.


Hopefully, this is just a strange phase. Maybe I just want something more comforting and familiar. Maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed with options. Either way, I hope that writing all of this out will help be kick the need to replay because life is too short to not keep experiencing new things.


Do you guys ever hit strange patches where you just want to replay or re-watch everything? What’s your go-to replay game or show? Thanks for reading!