Replay has been a part of Game Informer's video line-up for over two years, and we've been blessed with a dedicated viewership. Our fans are awesome. Not only do they watch us play through gaming's greatest titles, but they also endure the worst of the worst alongside us. The best examples are our Super Replays of Overblood and Overblood 2. Overblood is riddled with absurd deaths and awful puzzle design, and Overblood 2 sports one of the worst combat systems and most meandering quests we've ever seen. Out of all that hilariously awful rubbish, one Game Informer fan/aspiring video game developer has taken each game's more interesting mechanics and developed games around them.

I ran into GI user TheodoricFriede at E3 2012 this year. We got to talking about Overblood, Replay, and games in general. He revealed that he's studying game design, and that our Super Replays of Overblood actually inspired two of his school projects. His first game, Caveman: The First Adventure, was developed in just two weeks and borrows Overblood's temperature mechanic. Remember when Wienerless Steve froze to death in the cryostasis room? Caveman incorporates that feature, but the player warms up by building a fire as opposed to finding a fashionable vest. Metamorphosism, a puzzle game, repurposes Overblood 2's water freezing and evaporating system. The player must freeze water to stop deadly whirlpools and melt ice to access doorways. 

Hats off to TheodoricFriede for getting something out of Overblood besides wry laughs and wasted time.

Take a look at the games in action below:


Caveman: The First Adventure -


Metamorphosis -