I'm a big fan of disaster movies, particularly those bearing Roland Emmerich's fingerprint. Alien invasions, giant lizards, and freak cold storms tried to destroy the planet in Emmerich's films, but the good guys always ended up coming out on top. Emmerich is currently working on another disasterpiece called Moonfall that potentially shows us what will happen if the moon collides with Earth. His films may throw logic to the wind, but they always deliver on spectacle, and end up being fun just for that.

His body of work apparently influenced another film called Geostorm, slated to open in theaters on October 20. Geostorm's writer and director is Dean Devlin, the same person who produced the Independence Day films, along with Godzilla and Stargate. I won't spoil too much of the trailer below, but it appears Devlin's new film will attempt to destroy Earth in a multitude of ways, thanks to man-made satellites.

Call me crazy, but Geostorm is a day-one see for me. I can't wait to see how dumb (and fun) it ends up being.