Every gamer has a story of domination to tell. I was gifted with such a victory in Hearthstone last night. In truth, there's a little bit of hyperbole in this blog's headline. I've enjoyed bigger and more meaningful victories in myriad other games over the years. This particular victory is heightened by my opponent.

For the sake of embarrassment, I'm not going to reveal who this bad Hearthstone player is, but I will say he talks a big game, and is so obnoxious in his pre-game antics that watching him fall so easily makes this one of the best victories of my life.

"This is just a gross beat down, says Game Informer's Daniel Tack. "It looks like you have complete board control against an opponent with only one mana left and many cards in hand with no options or hope of victory. I don't know what led up to this situation, but there's no way he can win. Even if he were able to kill everything on the board, your cards in your hand are enough to kill him. It looks like he struggled mightily to kill the yeti, and even failed at that task."

After the match concluded, I sat back in my chair, and struggled to comprehend how someone could suck this bad at Hearthstone. If someone who has never heard of Hearthstone played random cards, I think the results would be better. It's a real head-scratcher of a match.

Below you can see a screen capture taken right before my last turn.