Welcome to Hundreds, a new iOS game by Semi Secret Software.

How does it work? You see that "76" hidden behind a grey sphere? If that number reaches 100, the level is complete. To make this number grow, the player must tap and hold the grey spheres. In this particular stage, the like colored spheres must be touched in unison. Holding a finger on a sphere makes the number climb and also increases the size of the sphere. If any of the spheres collide with one another, the game is over. If a sphere touches a spinning saw blade of doom, its number is reduced to 0. For this stage, dividing the number evenly across all four spheres is a great strategy. In other stages, victory may come from one or two giant spheres. Seems simple, right?

Wrong. This is a game designed to test your patience and timing. Recklessness and greed only bring fried nerves and numerous level restarts. In a way, Hundreds reminds me of games like Super Meat Boy and N+, where every action must be executed flawlessly. It's stressful, difficult, but above all, lots of fun. A great sense of satisfaction is gained after a difficult stage is finally beaten.

Hundreds is currently $2.99 and can be played on either iOS or iPad.

Check out the video below to see several levels in action. If you do pick this game up, share your thoughts in the comments section.