Thomas Jane wouldn’t be my first choice to play Marvel Comics’ Frank Castle in a feature film, but I thought he did a fine job of bringing this tormented comic book to life in 2004’s movie The Punisher. Although Jane willingly backed out of the role for 2008’s abysmal sequel The Punisher: War Zone, he still loves the character. Where Marvel goes next with this character is anyone’s guess, but Jane clearly has his own ideas.

At last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, Jane debuted a new Punisher fan film – titled Dirty Laundry. You read that correctly. Thomas Jane created his own Punisher fan fiction. He, of course, reprises his role as Frank Castle. “"I wanted to make a fan film for a character I've always loved and believed in,” says Jane. “[Dirty Laundry] is a love letter to Frank Castle and his fans.”

Thanks to Jane and director Phil Joanou, we now have a great Punisher film to watch.

Warning: This movie is extremely violent.