Take a seat, BioShock Infinite. Better luck next time, Borderlands 2. My most anticipated game is Diving: Jurassic Monsters. I know nothing about it. My excitement stems solely from the screenshot pictured above. The game is currently in development at Biart, a studio that specializes solely in underwater video games, and is slated for a 2013 release. Their portfolio includes Depth Hunter, Fish & Reefs, and Deep Black (slated to release on Xbox Live tomorrow).

According to Biart's website, Diving: Jurassic Monsters is developed by the same team that created Diver: Deep Water Adventures (fast forward to 5:30 in the first video below to get a good taste of what we might expect from Jurassic Monsters). Instead of shooting divers, I would imagine we'll be firing harpoons at sarcosuchus' and bathing T. rexes. We finally have a game that will satisfy fans of dinosaurs and screensavers.

The second video I've included shows off a game called Depth Hunter. Check out the gameplay at 1:10 for an encounter with one of Nemo's friends.