I couldn't fall asleep last night. Rather than diving into another episode of Deadwood (I'm on my third viewing of season three), or another game of MLB 12: The Show on my Vita, I decided to surf Apple's App Store for a new game for my iPhone. I noticed that Infinity Pocket's Flick Home Run, a game that released last November, had crawled into the number four slot for Top 25 Free Games. The reason for its late surge up the charts is a new "power update," which adds five new game modes, 28 achievements, and new fly ball speeds to the mix.

Since this is the first time I've run across a "power update," I decided to give the game a chance. After taking just three swings, I was hooked and didn't stop playing until 3 AM.

The gameplay is simple: All you have to do is swipe your finger in a diagonal motion to hit the ball – hopefully out of the park. Different pitch types (which are highlighted through different ball designs a la Angry Birds or Madballs) keep you on your toes and add difficulty to the derby. You'll see knuckleballs, change ups, creeping fastballs, sinkers, and junk Major Leaguers can't throw. If you look at the screenshot above, the orange meter at the top the screen represents your batter's lifeline. If that meter depletes, it's game over. Towering home runs add life to the meter. Strikeouts and poorly hit balls deplete it faster. The goal is to make it through as many Steps (rounds) as you can.

A handful of game modes are offered, but almost all of them are locked from the outset. They can only be opened if your slugger levels up enough, or difficult challenges like reaching round 15 are completed.

Outside of hitting a baseball with a bat, this game doesn't deliver a baseball experience. It's more like that old Hit the Penguin Flash game. Regardless, smashing a mammoth 800-foot home run feels great and proves to be a good reflex test.

So long, Fairway Solitaire, I now have a new addiction to pass my time.